5 Reasons Why Your Email Campaigns Aren’t Getting the Results you Desire

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5 Reasons your campaigns aren't getting the results you desire

Feel like you’re not getting the most out of your emails? You’re not the only one thinking this way, with just 41% of company respondents rating the performance of their email campaigns as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ (Econsultancy Email Marketing Census, 2015). This highlights the significant room for improvement desired by marketers to achieve better results and get more out of their email marketing. We are all aware its capabilities, however many are failing to capitalise on the opportunities available to them.

So what’s going wrong? Well, here are 5 reasons why your email campaigns aren’t getting the results you desire.

1. Relevance

It’s not often you see a blog post from us that doesn’t mention the R word, and this is no exception. Relevance is the single most important factor for success. If your emails are not personalised to customers tastes and needs, you can’t really expect them to be read, let alone responded to. Customers subscribed to your communications expecting to receive something of value, if this isn’t provided, your emails are likely to be simply be ignored, with the risk of your customers unsubscribing altogether. If you are not in a position to get ‘hyper-personalised’ don’t worry, but make sure the best and most popular products are included – ones which every customer will enjoy, to help achieve some natural relevance.

2. Not working hard enough

I don’t mean you are lazy – but are you working that database of yours hard enough? Many marketers believe that one email to promote an offer is enough, and usually it is. However in certain circumstances, it is worthwhile resending your email. For example, sending reminders towards the end date of a promotion creates urgency and can create more response than the initial email. Of course there are times when you should and should not resend your emails, but there are a number of factors to consider for this.

3. They’ve stopped listening

Once you have lost a subscribers interest, it is really hard to get it back. Bad quality emails without the relevance or value lead the customer to make that unconscious decision that your emails are not for them, and rather than unsubscribe, they simply ignore. Your data is a key element behind a successful email campaign, therefore it is important to become a protector of the database to prevent others abusing it for their own short term goals.

4. Not everything is getting through

It still amazes me how many marketers still presume that all their emails get delivered successfully into customers inboxes. Without the correct tools, this can be a bigger challenge than you think – make sure your ESP provides you with the functionality you need to measure this, and if you don’t trust them, there are a number of free testing services such as inboxorspam.com

5. Maybe they are? How are you measuring?

We have all got in the habit of our marketing channels being measured by Google Analytics. But this presumes that to be influenced by an email, a subscriber must click on one of your links and complete their purchase without making any searches or visiting an affiliate site in between. This doesn’t really give a true reflection as email makes an impact just by landing in the inbox. Try keeping 10% of your subscribers back from your next email and compare how many of those convert versus the remaining 90% in the following days- I’d expect that you will see a true uplift of at least 25% compared to what Google Analytics reports.

For more information on making your email campaigns more successful, speak to one of our experts and find out how we can assist you with your email marketing efforts.

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