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Providing valuable and relevant content plays a key part to keeping customers engaged with your email programmes. Often, one of the major reasons you may lose subscribers interest is because you aren’t meeting their expectations. They signed up to your communications for a reason – to receive relevant content that is of interest to them. So how can you give your content strategy a boost to improve the performance of your campaigns?

Keep it fresh with social feeds

One way to make your content fresh is to pull through the latest posts from your social media channels, something that takes seconds with Maxemail’s newsfeed component. With this, you can include your Facebook or Twitter feed within your campaigns, pulling in the latest communications sent to your followers, or maybe include your latest blog posts from your RSS feed, immediately giving you fresh and engaging content in every email.

What is the most popular content on your website?

The chances are that the most popular items and content on your website are a good bet for your email as well. A simple way of increasing your email frequency without too much effort is to create simple emails such as ‘Best Sellers’ or ‘New In’.

Tap into user generated content

Do you have customer reviews? Often these produce nuggets of content your best copywriter could only dream of, while provide yet another twist with a ‘Top Rated’ spin on your products.


It’s safe to say that no content strategy should be complete without thinking about how different groups of customers should receive content specifically tailored for them. Maybe it’s something simple to start such as gender specific content, but before long you will realise how much more can be done with dynamic content to provide your subscribers with relevant content.

Keep it short

An easy one for everyone is to make sure you keep your content short. Content strategy does not mean producing lots of content, but producing suitable content for the medium of email. Email requires it to be punchy, short and digestible so don’t waste too much effort over complicating content.

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