Is it Time to Refresh Your Email Marketing Strategy?

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Email marketing refresh

How do you know if it’s time to refresh your email marketing strategy? Maybe you are seeing a decline in open rates or response plateau? Perhaps offers that used to work well are no longer as effective, the list goes on… Email is a powerful tool, that’s why it’s important to ensure that all of your campaigns are performing to their optimum level. So how do you go about refreshing your email marketing strategy? Well here are a few tips to get the ball rolling.

Health Check

The first step is to assess where are you falling short? With this there are two approaches to undertake.

Firstly, review some key CRM metrics – if you are using Maxemail, this is easy to do through Insight Reports where we can see how many customers never open your emails, how quickly new customers are becoming unengaged and what key segments are performing like against others. All of these will give you an insight into where it is going wrong, and provide you with the solid reasons for undertaking the refresh.

Secondly, identify key customer metrics like the number of one-time only purchasers, customers who have not purchased in a year and anything else that highlights under performing repeat purchases. This is where you can start to understand how email can help change these metrics for the better, with the most appropriate triggered email campaigns.

Get Buy in

Any eCRM project like this needs the buy-in of senior management in order to help you remove any internal barriers later on. Don’t try and ask IT for lots more data feeds for new email initiatives without their boss being behind you.

The best way of getting buy in is with a shock policy – show how many customers are not opening your emails, how many have only purchased once and what small changes would mean to the bottom line – you won’t fail to get immediate interest.

Plan the lifecycle

The next stage of any refresh is to start planning what new emails throughout the customer lifecycle need to be added. Maybe your welcome programme is not working hard enough, maybe you need to re-activate customers after 6 months without a purchase or maybe you need to add a second purchase campaign in for the first time purchasers. Once you have these, along with your content for each, you can brief in what additional data you need to be pushed into your ESP.

Give your content a personal touch

Any worthwhile refresh of your email strategy needs to look at what personalisation of emails are needed. Again this is likely to mean more data pushed into your ESP to solve these personalisation challenges, and where your ESP can add value in terms of recommending the best implementation method.

For more information on how you can give you email marketing strategy a refresh, get in touch today with one of our email experts.

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