Meeting the Expectations of the Modern Day Subscriber

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Meeting the Expectations of The Modern Day Subscriber

Meeting the expectations of the modern day subscriber has become increasingly difficult over the last decade, with changes in customers behaviour, expectations, needs and wants. The online consumer is becoming more accustomed to new technology, and subscribers now have expectations of what they expect to receive in their inbox.

So what do we need to be more aware of as email marketers with the modern subscriber?

Personal Approach

With a whopping 122,500,453,020 sent every hour, cutting through the clutter of a busy inbox can be a challenge, especially without the use of any personalisation. I’m not talking about simply including their first name, but tailoring every communication with what you know about them. If you know your subscribers interests, there is a common expectation for you to capitalise on this by sending relevant news, updates, products and services that are likely to be of interest to them. Yes, there is the challenge of data, but there are a number of ways which you can capture and grow this to ensure you can send you customers relevant information to prevent them from ignoring your emails.


In return for the permission to send them messages, subscribers expect something of value from you in return – it’s only fair! We talk about relevance and personalisation as being vital aspects of email marketing, but providing value to your subscribers is just as important. After all, you need to give subscribers a valid reason for staying subscribed, and also a reason for them to want to open your emails. Whether this is through promotional offers, exclusive benefits or high quality content, the choice is yours and depends on the nature of your business, but remember, valuable content is kind of a big deal…


Over half of marketing emails are opened on a mobile device. This is a huge difference to 10 years ago, and with this figure continuing to rise, making sure your emails are legible on mobile devices has never been more important. Stacking content, big call to actions for fat fingers and optimised navigational links are a few examples of small steps which can make all the difference.

The importance of mobile doesn’t stop there… The way in which we view email has changed over the years, with distinct patterns of usage around key times of day no longer occurring, as customers are always connected to their email through their smartphone devices.

Don’t make me think

Subscribers are more inundated with emails than ever before. Combined with what seems to be an ever increasing set of demands, effectively means that you need to work much harder to gain attention with simple, digestible messages. It is essential to capture the readers attention fast and to avoid confusion. According to the UK Consumer Device Preference Report (2014), 41.6% of desktop readers kept it open for 0-3 seconds, highlighting the short period of time you are facing to capture the readers attention and gain their interest. So ditch the long winded paragraphs of copy and keep it short, snappy and to the point in order to get maximum impact!

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