Test Before you Send – The Testing Tools to Ensure Your Campaigns are Sent Error Free

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I’m sure i’m not the only one to have made a mistake on an email campaign, whether its a broken link or a simple typo, we’re all human and mistakes do happen. They can be embarrassing and potentially very costly to your organisation, however, with the right testing tools you can ensure that your emails are sent and delivered error free. Here are my top tips for making sure you get the most out of your testing tools and functionality.

1. Check email

No matter how many times you check your email before sending, some errors just seem to slip through the cracks. Many Email Marketing Platforms such as Maxemail, have a ‘Check Email’ function which looks for broken tags, dead links and other common mistakes, providing you with the confidence that there are no hidden issues.

2. Rendering

Each email client renders HTML in different ways, your email could look perfect in one client, but completely different in another. Maxemail’s email preview has you covered here, with our Litmus integration within Maxemail which takes screenshots across a wide range of email clients to highlight any potential display issues, taking into consideration for mobile devices as well.

3. Seed Lists and Single Emails

As well as using the preview tool, we always recommend you test your email manually as an actual email, rather than just using the preview tool. This provides you with an exact replica of the email, right down to tracking links and any other features included. It’s super fast to do and you can even pick addresses from a seed list, use particular examples to show personalisation and flick between HTML and text versions.

4. Personalisation

Personalisation is great, and can dramatically increase the performance of your email campaigns. However, if it’s not correctly implemented and thoroughly tested, you are putting your campaign at risk. Not only does Maxemail have a number of ways in which personalised dynamic content can be applied to your campaigns, but also has the functionality to test these variations within the preview tool or as an email.

5. Deliverability

Even if you’ve crafted the perfect email, it’s no use if you can’t deliver it into the customers inbox, and without the correct testing tools, this can be a challenge. Maxemail provides a seed list tool where you can send emails to before sending the campaign to your actual database. This measures the inbox placement so you can take any necessary actions to help improve the delivery rate of your campaign.

6. The Hawk

OK this isn’t a standard function, but every company has someone with that skill of spotting things no normal person would. Get them on a Maxemail seed list and include them in your pre-send tests as a final check.

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