Why Email Should be a Major Part of Your Marketing Strategy

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Why Email Should be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Email isn’t exactly the sexiest topic for marketers, it’s been around too long and doesn’t cost enough for that! Yet that shouldn’t stop you from considering it as a major focus within your marketing strategy.
I’m not being bias here, but email marketing is great, many marketers do it and gain a strong ROI from it. However, it is often forced down the pecking order in terms of priority, spend and consideration, when really it should be a major part of your marketing strategy. And here’s why…

Your Instant Push Channel

Can you name another channel where you can push a message to your customer on demand? SMS maybe, but its limited, expensive and customers get emails on their phone anyway. Phone calls? Even more expensive and not scalable, and that’s before we even discuss privacy.

As more and more new technologies are introduced for real-time marketing, they all use email as the accepted means of pushing messages to customers. Why? Because it works!


Email is still the most popular activity on the Internet. Social networks create a lot of noise, and in fairness Internet users spend a lot of time there. However, in terms of reach, it is still not at the same level as email, with there being 3x more email accounts than Twitter and Facebook combined (Radicati Group). The majority of customers are able to access their email regardless of their location, providing they have internet access and a device, and over recent years we have seen the number of emails opened on mobile devices break the 50% barrier. You may be thinking that the same may applies to other channels such as social media and SMS, however these lack space for detailed content.

It’s the norm

Back in 1999 the receipt of commercial messages into the inbox was far more likely to generate passionate objections as consumers were not used to communicating with brands in this way. Nowadays, checking our inbox to see what our favourite brands have to say is embedded in our daily routines, and we know that if we want to be the first to know, or get exclusive offers we need to be on the mailing list.

It works best when integrated

Running direct mail campaigns? A sure fire way to improve the ROI of those is to include email as part of an integrated campaign. Campaigns like this can significantly increase ROI for just a small cost and effort.


An online retailer with a strong email programme should see 30% of their revenue from the email channel.
Search might have a higher percentage but take out brand search terms and email will be the channel providing the most revenue. At the beginning it takes time to build the subscriber base, but even then, email can provide an instant return through cart recovery emails generating 5% of your online revenue.


Even the most basic of email marketing strategies can generate a good ROI. This can often prevent further investment being made, and instead, result in other underperforming channels receiving the investment. We all know the potential of email with 66% of companies rating their ROI as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ (Econsultancy Email Marketing Industry Census, 2015), so just think what you can do when you add some more email initiatives in.


Email marketing enables you to directly target a large scale audience for an extremely low cost and effort. Yes you may have a monthly fee or sending credits, but compare these costs to other alternatives such as print or paid advertising and you will begin to see the reasoning behind the increasing desire for an email marketing strategy.

Furthermore, email marketing is the primary medium to use if there are budget cuts within your organisation. Often marketing is first on the list for having budgets slashed, resulting in marketers focusing their efforts on email because it’s a simple, powerful and cost effective way to increase brand awareness, especially when brands need it most.

Customer Relationships

Email is a great way to build, retain and grow relationships with your customers, whether this be through a welcome programme, sneak peaks of new products, or by simply taking the personal approach and wishing them happy birthday. Whichever you choose, it is a great way to offer your subscribers valued and make them feel unique.

The list goes on… But hopefully this now provides you with solid reasoning why email should be an important factor of your email marketing strategy, and if you have the data, there’s nothing stopping you from getting started! For more information, speak to one of our email experts today to find out how we can help.

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