6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Welcome Email

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We always talk about the importance of sending a welcome email as part of your email marketing strategy – after all first impressions are very important, and the point a subscriber signs up is when they are at their most engaged. But what makes a perfect welcome email? Here are my 6 tips for creating the perfect welcome email.

Send it immediately

You’ll be surprised how quickly customers will forget who you are, and then the moment of positive engagement when they provided their email address will be gone forever. Sending the email quickly, as soon as they sign-up makes a huge difference to engagement and this should be your highest open rate after order confirmation emails.

Start as you mean to go on

The first email sets the tone for the whole of your email programme. Get customers excited about your brand and highlight what they should expect to receive from you now that they have signed up to your communications.

Offer incentives

Not only does it help to get customers signed up but an incentive can also push the customer to overcome that barrier of making that first purchase. Make sure you provide a unique discount code though or expect to find your promotion all over the voucher code sites.

Keep it concise

No doubt you will have stacks of amazing benefits that you offer that you will feel you need to get across to customers. Yet email isn’t a medium that can deliver endless amounts of content, so keep your email concise and to the point. If you really do simply have too much to talk about, try breaking it down into additional emails at key stages over the coming weeks.

Use it as an opportunity to collect more data

We always recommend capturing preference data at the point of collecting the email address, as this is where you will maximise the collection rates. It’s not always practical to do this, especially if you have a checkout or sales process with lots of complexity. As with any data collection process, ask in your email for only the most important information, and ideally incentivise customers to provide it. Give the customer the opportunity to provide you with more data within the welcome email so that you can provide them with a more relevant and personalised experience. Be sure to clearly state why you are asking for more data and highlight the benefit to the customer.

Keep your normal emails at bay

Many marketers are guilty of treating everybody the same, sending the same communications to new customers as they do to long term loyal customers. Keep your new customers out of your normal email communications to begin with otherwise they will find themselves a little bombarded by your communications. Instead, take them through the welcome process before introducing them into your main programme.

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