Email Marketing Versus Other Channels

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Email Marketing Versus Other Channels

There seems to be an on-going debate about email marketing versus other channels with numerous articles comparing which channels perform the best and why. I’m way beyond having to convince anyone that email is an essential channel, but just in case you need a few pointers to back up your old pal email, here are some useful arguments that can provide anyone with the assurance they need.

ROI & Cost

No other channel gets close to providing the same ROI of email. Search often tries to get close but is biased because it captures all of those people searching for your brand on the web, and let’s be honest, they are going to get there anyway if that’s their intent. Additionally, email usually drives an awful lot more sales than it’s given credit for – just receiving the email or opening without clicking influences customers decision to buy.

The Econsultancy Industry Census 2015 showed that 66% of companies considered the ROI of email as Excellent or good, and only 7% rating it as poor. Email has the potential to generate a strong ROI even with a fairly basic strategy, however using features such as personalisation, dynamic content, advanced segmentation and automation can really transform the results of your email marketing.

Push & Reach

Email is the one channel where if you need to react on scale and get an offer out there quickly you can fulfil it. You can’t guarantee it will be read, but it will be of much higher impact than other alternatives such as a tweet or Facebook post which have a very limited lifespan.


In theory every channel except mass media channels like TV and print ads could be personalised to the individual, but email is the easiest and the most practical one to achieve. With print, even digital printing makes it prohibitive, and other channels require a huge amount of manual work to get there. Email on the other hand allows you to personalise content based upon the recipients demographics and behaviour, creating relevant content for your subscribers which ultimately yields better results.


Nearly all online channels are measurable, but with email you can go much further. Having known who you sent the email to you can provide much greater depth in reporting by looking at how different segments perform and in what ways. Email Service Providers such as Emailcenter offer a range of reporting features which allow you to accurately track and measure your campaigns providing you with a detailed understanding of open rates, click throughs and ROI. Maxemail’s ROI tracking enables you to track conversions and revenue generated from your campaigns providing you with full clickstream data for each recipient who has clicked through.

Retention not acquisition

As well as acquiring new customers, email is an excellent retention tool. In the early days of email marketing at the start of the Millennium it was not uncommon for brands to buy email data – but a variety of factors have lead to that approach being abandoned and email is now used as a true CRM tool.

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