How to optimise your emails to boost your click-through rate

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Wanting to fine tune your emails to seek out those extra clicks? Here are my top tips for boosting your click-thru rate.

Call to Actions

Make it clear how a customer should respond to your email – there is a reason why we use big buttons, they stand out and are immediately obvious as somewhere to click for the recipient. Your call to actions should be a different colour to the rest of your content so they don’t blend into the background.

Navigational Links

Up to 1/3 of your click-throughs can be on navigational links, taking the subscriber to generic parts of your website such as specific departments. Not all customers receiving your email will pay attention to the content, many will simply be reminded by just seeing your brand, triggering the desire to visit your website. This is where the navigational buttons in the header of your email are crucial – pick these destinations carefully by thinking about the most popular or valuable sections on your site.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Customers need to be told why they should respond now, and not come back to something later. Often this is dealt with by the nature of your promotion ending soon, but other times you have to inject this into your copy and headlines. Use phrases such as ‘Shop today’ and ‘Don’t miss out’ to drive action now.

It’s the subject line

One of the biggest factors that affect click-through rates is the subject line. The content featured in the subject line will generate the most clicks as those that open the email on the premise of what they saw in the subject line have an interest in that area. So when writing and testing subject lines make sure you take into account that it is not open rate that you are most concerned about, but click-thru rate and measure the success based upon this.

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