5 Techniques to Turn Your Email Campaigns From Average to Awesome

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Turning your campaigns from average to awesome

Email is an ever growing marketing channel and Email Service Providers are constantly developing new features and functionality to give marketers the cutting edge. But what techniques should an email marketer never live without? Here are 5 techniques to turn your email campaigns from average to awesome and give your business a competitive advantage.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content allows you to personalise every email with content unique to the individual based upon the recipient’s interests, demographics, past behaviour or preferences. Maxemail gives you many options to do this – whether that be simple rules based on dynamic content (if Male insert this image, if female insert this one), pull in external content based upon profile data or use the full power of relational data tables to store a customer’s entire order history, browsing behaviour and more to deliver completely unique content each time.

With personalised emails improving click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%, it’s essential for marketers to be sending highly personalised emails – and Dynamic Content is a effective way of doing this. Just to make life a little easier for our clients, Maxemail’s drag and drop Dynamic Content Component within the Email Builder makes applying this to your campaigns a straight forward process.

Advanced Segmentation

There is segmentation and then there is segmentation! With Maxemail we have designed it to allow any of your data to be queried in any number of ways – whether that be last order information, preferences, demographic information, browsing activity or their email click history. These rules can all be saved and simply selected from a tick list of which ones you want to use each time allowing even non-technical users to build precise target audiences in seconds.


You can’t claim to offer the best email marketing capabilities if you don’t embrace automation. Time can be saved by integrating data sets, triggering emails and even in auto running KPI reporting while it also opens up possibilities with targeting and personalisation that can’t be achieved manually, and actually take less time than building yourself! A quick stat for you, triggered email messages yield 71% higher open rates than non-triggered email messages.

Multi-variate testing

A/B testing is great but Multi-variate testing is awesome. Multi-variate testing enables you to test many things at once, and on your triggered campaigns this can cut your test plan down from months to a couple of weeks. It also opens up fresh insights that A/B testing cannot, showing you the best performing combinations which might not necessarily be the winners picked by an A/B test.


A lot of email marketing reports are the same as the first email systems back in the late 1990’s provided. Simple open and click-tracking at campaign level is essential but also not enough to deliver you real insights into how your email programme is working. Much more valuable are reporting tools which show how results break down per segment, or show how over the course of the customer lifecycle customer response changes (and where it starts to drop!).

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