10 Automated Emails Which you Should be Sending

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10 Automated Emails you Should be Sending

We’ve spoken before about the importance of email automation and the benefits it can bring to your business, but what type of automated emails should you be sending? Here are 10 automated emails which can help increase the ROI of your email campaigns.

Cart Recovery

A good cart recovery program – usually a series of emails over a few days with the first sent in an hour of abandoning should give you 5% of all of your online revenue and is the biggest and easiest win for any email marketer.

Browse Recovery

Cart Recovery will generate the most recovered revenue but a browse recovery program allows you to target those people who browsed products on your site but didn’t go as far as buying anything.


This is usually the first automated email marketers dip their toes into. It helps set expectations with the subscriber about what they are to receive and gets your email relationship off to a flying start. It’s also a great opportunity to capture some more data from your customers enabling you to send more relevant communications to your subscribers.


During the first few days and weeks of registering it is worthwhile drip feeding messages in to educate the customer. Rather than try and cram everything into one email, a series of messages can break it into more digestible chunks and help nudge the customer in those early days.

2nd Purchase

One key metric Ecommerce teams look at is the percentage of customers who have only ordered once. If you can get the 2nd purchase then you are far more likely to generate a customer for life. Sending a targeted email after the first purchase with recommendations and a discount for their next purchase sets the customer well on the way to that next purchase.

Review Request

Email is by far the best way to get a review – expect 95% of your reviews to come from the post purchase email. For added response incentivise leaving a review and send a reminder to those that have yet to leave that review.


You’ve spent an awful lot of money acquiring customers so when they go cold and have not purchased for a while, it makes sense to try and win them back. Be more aggressive with your discounts the longer it is since you last saw them, as you will need to work harder.


Be a nice retailer and send your customers a birthday wish, and maybe include a little present for them.


Customers are creatures of habit so why not remind them on the anniversary of their purchase? Perhaps offer recommendations related to that purchase.

Product Replenishment

If you have products that run out over time then make sure you drop them an email to buy again – you don’t want them going via Google and finding a competitor instead.

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