How to get subscribers to love your emails

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How to get subscribers to love your emails

We all want people to say that they love our emails – it’s almost more rewarding than the actual revenue we drive from them. It’s important to engage with your subscribers as soon as they have seen your email in their inbox, and to do this, you need them to love your emails and look forward to receiving them in their inbox. So how can you get subscribers to love your emails?

Resonate with the brand

A straw poll of a few people we asked about email programs they loved included Boden. There is nothing too clever about these emails from a personalisation point of view, but they are still extremely clever, fun and bang on brand. Boden has a particular brand which is very British, quirky and fun – the emails are simply an extension of this using clever puns, animation and other innovations which match this perfectly.
But if you don’t have this brand image to start with it’s really difficult to get the same ideas executing for you – for your emails to be loved they have to be truthful to your brand.

Always something for them

What keeps customers opening emails time after time is the knowledge there is likely to be something of interest in there for them based upon the past good experiences they have had. This is especially the case for those who aren’t lucky enough to be selling naturally interesting items like fashion or travel, but more dour products who have implemented a personalisation strategy to make sure that items in the email are tailored for each individual.


A good email program also inspires customers to make purchases that they were not even thinking of making. Finding ways to inspire customers – whether that is with the latest products, top rated or editors picks are all ways to make this happen.


Another trait of emails that people love is the gravitas they have. If your email is of the highest quality, and attention to detail has been added on each and every edition, a level of trust is generated which creates this gravitas.

Arrive at the right time, but not too often

No one likes being bombarded with emails to often – the feeling of nagging and harassment doesn’t help build that feeling of love between your customer and the emails. But it’s also when the email arrives that is important. Emails that customers love always seem to arrive at just the right time and understand when their customers are going to have time to read and act upon their contents. Email automation can work its magic here, ensuring that customers receive the right message at the right time.

For more information on getting your subscribers to love your emails, speak to one of our email experts to find out how we can help.

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