The Essentials of a Transactional Email

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The essentials of a transactional email

Transactional emails don’t get a lot of coverage and are often left in the background by email marketers. They are considered totally unsexy and boring but actually they have a huge importance and a great deal of hidden potential. So what are the essentials of a transactional email? Here is my guide for making sure you get the most out of this channel.

Mission Critical Infrastructure

If a customer doesn’t get their order confirmation, or worse their forgotten password email it can lead directly to an upsurge in customer service issues or lost sales. Some brands still send their emails out via their own IT infrastructure but this usually doesn’t have the same uptime as a specialist transactional email service such as the one offered in Maxemail. By using an ESP such as Maxemail, you should expect 100% uptime SLA’s, and a hassle free experience, all achieved through simply changing your email connection details.


Another flaw with internal systems is they are not always optimised for email deliverability, so your emails are at risk of landing in the junk folder. Working with a specialist solution overcomes these. However make sure you keep transactional emails on a different IP and domain from your main stream of marketing emails otherwise you may start to delay, or even junk your transactional emails.


Some marketers still have their transactional emails sent as ugly plain text. These emails are still reflecting your brand so a polished HTML that renders well on mobile can really help to increase the customer experience.

Cross-sells and Up-sells

Your transactional emails will receive extremely high open rates and are therefore a great opportunity to get that sale – if not immediately then maybe sewing the seed for their next visit. Related products and recommendations can all help generate extra revenue, even from customers which are not opted in to your main marketing emails.
For more information on how to ensure your transactional emails are are as effective as they can be, speak to one of our email experts today.

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