The Growing Importance of Email Automation

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The growing importance of email automation

Automation is a hot topic in the email marketing world with more and more marketers seeing the growing importance of email automation. But why is it becoming such an important issue for marketers? Here are 5 statistics that demonstrate why you need to including it within your email marketing strategy.

“80% of brands are sending Welcome Messages”

Back in 2008 this was only 40%. This really highlights the importance of sending a welcome email to your subscribers on the point of sign up. Not only are marketers realising they need to communicate with their customers at the right time, but also consumers are expecting this as it becomes the norm. With more sending than not if you don’t use automation to build the relationship early you will find it harder to keep the customer engaged.


“Real-time triggered campaigns such as second abandoned cart reminders have a 54 percent lift in revenue, while browse emails have a 3.4x increase in revenue”

Automation is opening up new mail streams to marketers including cart recovery and targeting based upon browsing activity. These emails are now helping contribute around 5% of all online revenue for a brand.


“Triggered click rates are 101.8% higher than normal emails”

The more relevant you are, the better the click-through rate. With triggered emails there is a natural relevance by reaching out at the appropriate point in the customer lifecycle. Combining this with personalised products or content will increase click-rate even further.


“Activity and lifecycle-based triggers produced 22% of total email marketing revenue”

They might be a small number of emails sent, but they will provide you with a significant uplift in revenue. This is usually because they are much closer to the conversion funnel than your normal emails – but also more evidence that you can’t expect just a single marketing channel to convert the customer, which is where triggered messages come in.


“Email automation saves 15 hours per week”

By our estimation across numerous email automation projects you can save huge amounts of man hours over running manual processes such as importing and segmenting data. This leaves your team to focus on more important strategy projects rather than getting bogged down with the doing.

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