10 Great Examples of Animated GIFs in Email

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Sometimes it’s great to throw off the usual creative constraints and have some fun with your emails. Animated GIF’s are a great way of doing this and there are some fantastic examples out there by a number of different brands. So here are my favourite examples of animated gifs used in email.

Loft – Flash Sale

Well here is one way to make it clear that it’s a ‘flash’ sale! This example has an instant impact which does a lot more descriptive than flat copy.

Loft Flash Sale

Gap – Christmas Delivery Dates

Strongly sticking to the Christmas theme, this email adds that Christmas excitement by unwrapping before your eyes.

Gap - Christmas delivery dates email

Roxy – Gift Cards

A great way to highlight virtual gift cards is to show one. If this was just a static image would you instantly know it’s a gift card?

Roxy – Gift Cards

Sprout App

What better way to educate your users about an app than to show it in action:

Sprout App

Warby Parker

Start the fun early in your relationship with an on-brand animated gif in the welcome email.


Mr Porter

If ever an animated gif ever was more closely aligned to a brand I would be surprised. The roaring fire shouts of quality and sophistication:

Mr Porter

Boden – time is running out

Animation is a great way to drive urgency. In this example, Boden don’t just say ‘last chance’ but visually show time is running out for the biggest offer.

Boden Last minute Promotion Email

Rent the Runway – A seasonal twist

How do you align your brand with the seasonal promotions? Well here is a way Rent the Runway achieved this with the stunning animated heart.

Rent the runaway

Gucci – Show off all your products

Simple but incredibly effective is to take several standard product photos and turn them into an animated showcase, perfect for launching a new collection or season.


Boden – again!

So I know we already had Boden in this list but how could we possibly miss off this of a top 10 list?


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