5 Tips for your Christmas Email Marketing

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Christmas is coming and for many email marketers it’s make or break time to hit revenue targets for the year. It’s also the most cut throat time of year as competition in the inbox is at it’s highest. Here are my top 5 tips for your Christmas Email Marketing.


In January, you can expect to see several reports published which all essentially say consumers received more marketing email in the run up to Christmas 2015 than ever before. With Christmas being such a key time, marketers tend to use frequency of send as a blunt instrument for tackling high targets. However there is a danger that your customers will simply switch off if you over send, and then after Christmas you may well have lost them as well.

Remember Mobile

Mobile adoption and usage is increasing every day so ensuring your emails are fully mobile responsive across all devices is growing increasingly important. Tools like the Maxemail Email Builder automatically create a responsive, mobile optimised version of your email so the 50% or more which open on this smaller screens will get a better experience.

Cyber Weekend is key

The biggest weekend in retail can make or break your entire year, let alone the Christmas season. Make sure you have put enough energy into your creative so that you stand out amongst the others in the inbox. Additionally, check that your email delivery partner has the capacity to deliver these emails when you need them. Cyber weekend is a fantastic opportunity for email, so it’s highly important to make sure you get your email strategy right.


One guaranteed way to stand out in the busy inboxes is to use personalisation, perhaps using what they ordered the same time last year to get this year’s set of gifts. Personalisation always outperforms generic emails and Christmas will be no exception.

Keep capturing data

For many, Christmas is likely to experience the biggest traffic from new customers over other times of the year. Take advantage of that by making sure you have targeted email capture lightboxes and forms across your site, and if you have retail stores make sure you capture email addresses at the till. That way you can have a customer for life and not just Christmas.

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