5 Useful Email Marketing Tips for the Travel Industry

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Email marketing is essential for the modern day travel provider, enabling them to send highly targeted and personalised emails to assist customers through the booking process and capitalise on other opportunities available to them. The travel industry has some unique attributes that need a range of different email marketing techniques to maximise success. This is because booking a holiday tends to be a complex decision making process with multiple touch points. Here are 5 useful email marketing tips for the travel industry.

1. Integrate with Brochure mailings

The brochure is still a very popular medium for customers and travel brands alike. Email can play a big opportunity here in supporting the brochure. Firstly upon the request for a brochure a holding email can be used, while further emails can be sent when the brochure arrives to prompt them to read it and point customers in the direction of what may be of interest to them.

2. Help customers make their booking decision

While that period of a few weeks from the initial browsing or enquiry takes place, the role of email should be to keep your brand front of mind, and help the customer make their booking decisions. Delivering regular, targeted emails with relevant holidays, trips, flights or hotels along with the reassurance that your brand can be trusted is what will increase the chances of a successful booking.

3. What else do they need before they go on holiday?

With so many added extras, email can be there for the pre-departure, offering everything from car parking, travel insurance and excursions. For best results, only include extras that they have not booked with you and that are also available for their particular trip.

4. How did they enjoy their trip?

Getting feedback from your customers doesn’t just give you insights into improving your holidays but is also useful for conversion purposes, helping the next set of holidaymakers choose your trip on the back of the reviews. A simple email post holiday is enough to start getting good volumes of feedback.

5. Provide inspiration – relevant inspiration

Booking a holiday is a once a year thing for many people but email is still important the rest of the year as customers are thinking about that next break. Don’t just send scattergun selections of holidays but use intelligence based upon what you know about them to send holidays in the right locations, that match their budgets, interests and even local airport.

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