6 Horror Scenarios for an Email Marketer

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6 Horror Scenarios for an Email Marketer

There are certain situations which email marketers dread. Whether this is discovering all time low open rates for your latest campaign or even worse, failing to deliver your campaign to your subscribers. Here are a few horror scenarios for an email marketer and solutions of how to prevent them.

No one is opening your emails

We’ve all had the disappointment of experiencing open rates below our expectations, and there can be a number of reasons behind this. Perhaps your subject line isn’t punchy enough to stand out in a crowded inbox or maybe you’re not offering enough value to the recipient within your emails. However, one of the biggest influencers to your open rate is your track record – the previous emails you have delivered to your subscribers. If the past few emails you’ve sent have nothing of interest or value to the subscriber, then what reasoning do they have to open your next?

Make sure you start as you mean to go on and make use of an effective welcome program after the initial sign up and maintain that consistency of useful and relevant email content.

Lack of engagement

Gaining that initial engagement isn’t too tricky as it’s likely that a customer has signed up to your communications to read and make use of your emails. However, engagement can begin to go down hill when you begin to provide customers with the same irrelevant content time and time again.

There are a number of techniques which can help ensure that the content you are sending is relevant enough to help drive engagement. Segmenting your data is vital to success, enabling you to target different segments of your database with content which will be of interest to them.

Additionally, instead of creating a range of different emails for each variation of subscriber, dynamic content can be used to target customers through one simple email that will display different content depending on their selected preferences. And some ESP’s such as Maxemail have this feature available within their Email Builder via simple drag and drop functionality.

Increase in unsubscribes

No marketer wants to see their customers unsubscribing from their emails, but, unfortunately, it does happen. However, by following a few best practise steps, a great deal can be done to prevent your customers from unsubscribing from your communications.

Starting with the obvious, your email frequency plays an important role and you should make sure that you don’t bombard your customers with too many emails. Furthermore, irrelevant content with nothing of value can have the same effect, causing customers to become fed up with your communications leading them to unsubscribe.

Your subscribers may also become irritated with your emails if they don’t display or work correctly. Perhaps they aren’t optimised for mobile or they contain broken links which cause frustration. Maxemail’s pre-testing tools prevent these sort of mistakes from happening, and by using Maxemail’s Email Builder, your emails will automatically be optimised for mobile devices.

Following sign up, the use of a welcome program is a great way to introduce your brand. Maintaining your branding so the customer becomes familiar with your emails is just as important instead of subscribers questioning if they have even signed up to your emails because they don’t recognise your brand.

Broken or missing Links

So you’ve crafted the perfect email and sent it out to your subscribers, only to then find out that you’ve included an incorrect or broken link on your call to action. This is easily done, especially when you’re rushing to get your campaign out the door. However, with the use of certain testing tools such as Maxemail’s ‘Check Email’ feature, you can ensure that you don’t have any missing or broken links.

You have a huge increase in your conversion rate, but you have no way to deal with it

Okay, so this might not exactly be a horror scenario as it’s likely you’ll be over the moon with your improved conversion rate. However, if you experience a large difference and don’t have the data to support what was responsible for the increase you’re pretty stuck in the area of making assumptions. This is where Split Testing comes into play, allowing you to hold back the email send to a proportion of your database and, therefore, providing a measure to the increase in the performance.

Poor email deliverability

So you spend all this time creating the perfect email only to then hit the severe stumbling block of deliverability issues. It may sound simple, but ensuring all your emails are delivered can be a challenge if you don’t follow best practice.

Ensuring you keep your list clean and removing any bad addresses is essential. This is something that some ESP’s such as Maxemail do automatically, however, issues often occur when changing ESP when companies fail to take their bounces and unsubscribes with them. It’s often worth speaking to your ESP for professional advice on this.

Many ESP’s offer a shared IP, and it all depends on the reputation of other senders using this address. You won’t be in control of other senders using this, however, find an ESP with a good reputation and you shouldn’t have any issues. Authentication is also key, proving that you are the rightful sender of the email. To ensure this, get your web administrators to set-up a sub-domain that points to your ESP for all of your email marketing activity.

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