Black Friday & Cyber Monday – Getting your email strategy right

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday

With Black Friday predicted to be the UK’s first online shopping day to experience sales of over £1bn (Forbes, 2015), there is a strong urgency for online retailers to prepare themselves for the surge of website visitors and sales which they crave. There has been significant growth in online shopping over the years, and more and more retailers are jumping on the bandwagon of offering heavily discounted offers to entice customers. Email marketing plays a huge part in bringing in a strong proportion of these sales over Black Friday & Cyber Monday, so it is essential that you get your email strategy right. Here is my guide to making sure your cyber weekend emails fly:

When to send

Last year from the hundreds of emails we analysed over these days, around half of them were delivered between 7am and 9am. Getting in early is essential on Black Friday as people wake up expecting to see the deals, and if your offer is not in the inbox at this time there is less chance you will get the visit and purchase that day.

Additionally, there was also a trend of warming up customers before Black Friday with emails on the Thursday telling customers to look out for the deal tomorrow.

Frequency of send

Some retailers can often be tempted to get a little carried away with the number of emails they send on Black Friday. I’m not saying additional sends and reminders are a bad idea, but make sure these are a few hours apart and aren’t an exact replica of the previous email.

Deliverability & Technology Platform

On the day, you need to deliver lots of emails and reach the inbox very quickly. Chances are every other user of your ESP is going to be doing the same, so make sure your ESP has the capacity on the day to handle this.

Transactional Email

It’s not just your marketing emails which will be affected by the load on Cyber Weekend. As you may have your highest order days of the year, your transactional email systems could be forced past breaking point, causing a deluge of load on customer services with missing email requests. Ideally, make sure you are using a specialist transactional service designed to scale and ensure customers get their emails instantly.

Standing out from the crowd

Consumers will get an unimaginable amount of email on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. How are you going to stand out? Make sure your subject lines are clear, concise and punchy while ensuring your creative has the zing to grab attention.

Re-activation & List Cleaning

Before the event make sure any data you are sending to is cleaned, and you have gone back to inactive customers to re-activate. By doing this, you will get rid of any bad addresses, which could cause delivery issues while also presenting you with the maximum database size to reach with your biggest offers of the year.

Cart Recovery

If there is one day of the year you really need cart recovery, then Black Friday is that day. If you experience any site issues, cart recovery emails will help recover those customers while naturally there will be a huge amount of customers which don’t buy giving you a huge audience to recover.

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