How to Educate Your Boss in Email Marketing

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Educating your boss about email marketing

As an email professional, you know everything you should be doing to get a successful campaign out the door. Whether this is personalising your emails to dramatically increase response, providing relevant content to increase engagement or sending those all important triggered messages at the right time of the customer lifecycle. Your boss, however, simply sees’s lots of money coming in from your ‘batch & blast’ program every time you send an email and also notes how cost effective it seems compared to all his other marketing costs. So getting new initiatives off the ground requires an education to justify why new and advanced email marketing initiatives are worth the investment. Here are some tips for this:

Show the damage

You might be reporting KPI’s like open rates and clicks – but these have little meaning. Shock your boss by showing how many customers simply aren’t opening your emails (expect 60%) and highlight how quickly customers are getting fed up with your emails by showing open rates of new customers over each email they receive, known as the ‘Lifecycle Report’ in Maxemail.

By doing this, you can start to build a story around why your customers are not opening your emails (generic blasts that have nothing of interest & relevance to them) and what the appropriate action is (send relevant, tailored and valuable emails).

Attribute email properly

How are you measuring the success? If it’s relying on revenue showing in Google Analytics you are probably not doing full justice to email. Email has an impact even if the subscriber doesn’t open it. Just your brand name and subject line landing in their inbox can be enough to remind them of you. Then there are all the people who read your message and for some reason choose not to click on your well-crafted call to action, but instead, go to your site directly or via a brand search term.

Keep 10-20% back from your next email campaign and measure how many of those go on to buy, versus those that get your email. Then you will usually see a much bigger impact, and be able to show how important email is to the business.

Break your results down by segment

So where can we improve performance quickly? A good starting point to educate the boss is by showing results by segment. How do different genders respond? Are there particular types of customers which respond better to email than others? This immediately presents an idea of where you need to focus your next set of enhancements to the email programme in a quantifiable way.

ROI Case across the lifecycle

It’s great that email is so measurable as it makes forecasting easy. Look at key metrics like website conversion rates and abandoning baskets, or the number of customers who are stuck on a single purchase and matching an uplift from triggered campaigns to these makes it easy to quantify what sort of success you can have by putting more into the email channel.

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