Press Release: New Partnership with Lead Forensics

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Emailcenter have teamed up with Lead Forensics in a new partnership that will enable Emailcenter Clients to identify the anonymous website visitors that don’t fill out a “contact us” form or make an enquiry.

Lead Forensics software gives B2B clients the ability to see who have been visiting their site, what they looked at, how long they stayed and at what point they left. Emailcenter have seen the value first hand in how this software works and how it could benefit their clients.
Using the software, users can drill deeper into how their email campaigns are performing. Having the ability to see which pages each business is viewing, enabling them to see beyond the call to action click and decipher how their landing pages on their website are performing.

We believe that when teamed up with Lead Forensics, Emailcenter’s Email Marketing platform Maxemail becomes even more powerful.

Benefits of using Maxemail and Lead Forensics together.

  • Alert your sales and marketing teams when a prospect lands on your website. Instant notifications allow you to know exactly when one of your prospects has visited after your email campaign, giving you a better chance to contact them before your competitors.
  • CRM Integration – From email prospect to customer, Lead Forensics integrates seamlessly with multiple CRM’s to empower your sales team and marketing campaigns. Working silently in the background, Lead Forensics can deliver your anonymous website visitors straight into Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and more.
  • Full visibility on your contacts. Upload your email lists directly into Lead Forensics to see when they hit your site, providing you with the knowledge of when it is best to engage.

To find out more about how you could use Lead Forensics in conjunction with Maxemail, contact one of our email experts today.

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