What Makes the Perfect E-newsletter

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How to make the perfect newsletter

Sending an E-newsletter to subscribers is fairly common for companies nowadays. It’s a good opportunity to keep in touch with customers and prospects in an efficient manner, however, with the increasing volume of emails being sent on a daily basis, many struggle to stand out in a busy inbox. So what makes the perfect E-newsletter and how can you ensure yours catches the reader’s eye?

Subject line

A newsletter may contain a lot of different news stories. This must be reflected in your subject line to get everything that is in the body of the email across to the reader. To do this, be specific and sum up the contents of your email in a short and snappy subject line. Don’t just use ‘Company name newsletter’ – if someone see’s something of interest in the subject line they will open it.


Over 50% of your newsletter opens will be on a mobile device, so making sure the design renders for the small screen is essential. Responsive design techniques will help adjust a columnular layout often found in an email newsletter to just a single column, making it far easier for the subscriber to read.

Social Sharing

Newsletter articles present a great opportunity for social sharing and to get viral traffic. Always include share links from the main social networks, and if you use an ESP like Emailcenter, they should be able to make the entire newsletter shareable with a few simple clicks. The inclusion of a subscriber bar within your email is a great way to help convert your social followers to email subscribers through a single click in your campaign setup.


Possibly the most famous email newsletter in the UK is Martin’s Money Tips from MoneySavingExpert. One of the reasons this works so well is because of the personality that is injected into the email from Martin himself. The brand values of honesty and credibility really come across in the writing style and subtle design hints including the picture of Martin.


Your subscribers won’t read your email, they will be scanning it to see if there is anything of interest, hence why the term ‘scanability’ is often used around emails and how effective they are at attracting the attention of the scanning eye. Make sure you have clear sections and headlines in your newsletter and cut down on long paragraphs of copy as they are unlikely to be read.

Call to Actions

You can’t be effective if you put all of your articles into the body of the email, it will simply overwhelm those trying to read it. Keep your content on your website but make your call to actions prominent so it’s obvious what action each subscriber has to do to read more on your website.

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