How to Make Your Email Marketing Stress Free

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Stress free email marketing

Email is a great channel for marketers – It’s cost effective, highly targeted and easy to measure. However, when it comes to large volumes, complex triggered messages and personalisation, things can get a little stressful. So how can you make your email marketing stress free? Here are a few useful pointers.

Automated Reporting

Despite reporting being available in the ESP system, most marketers have to maintain reports outside of this in spreadsheets and presentations for management reporting. Some ESP’s such as Maxemail, aim to make this easier by allowing you to select which emails you want, and copy this data directly into Excel by means of a csv file or pdf. Additionally, a number of other reports can be automated and scheduled to land directly in your inbox, saving time manually pulling data into your reports.

Drag and Drop Editor

A drag and drop editor provides anyone with the ability to build a highly professional email in a matter of minutes. Email builders are becoming an increasingly popular tool for email marketers, and when it comes to comparing a drag and drop editor against HTML, there is a clear winner in terms of the ease and time saved.
Maxemail’s Email Builder is automatically mobile responsive, allowing you to drag and drop your desired components wherever you wish and includes advanced features such as Dynamic Content and Social Media sharing options. Best of all, create your account today and you can try it out for free!


Building an email campaign usually means creating the HTML, importing data, writing segments and using the reporting tools. A key part of the Maxemail interface is our tabs system, allowing you to have as many items open as you want and flick between each step rather than having to go back and forth each time.

Copy Anything

Nearly everything in Maxemail can be copied from the right click menu. As a result, it’s quick and easy to re-create and make small amends. One popular way of using this is to copy a previous email to work from, make some changes to the copy and imagery then resend to non-openers. Furthermore, you can easily convert an email into a template with just a few clicks.

Folders & Sub-folders

Once you have used an ESP for a little while, the number of assets that would have built up will be huge. Then when it comes to finding that email you created all those months ago, it can be troublesome task. This is where our folder system comes in to make life easier. Like on a Windows desktop, you can create as many folders and sub-folders as you like, and drag files in and out of these. For those who like to be organised, this makes sure it’s easy to find exactly what you need in future.

Comprehensive Testing

Making mistakes is probably the easiest and most stressful thing in email marketing (we have all been there). Make sure your ESP has a full suite of testing tools. Not only allowing you to do the basics like sending unlimited test emails, but also including features such as the ability to preview any particular record to test personalisation and dynamic content as well as the testing of any segmentation rules.

To find out how Emailcenter can make your email marketing stress free, speak to one of our email experts today, or alternatively, create your free Email Builder account today.

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