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Integrating Social Media With Email

We all know that email is one of the most cost-effective digital channels nowadays, giving us the ability to deliver information about our brand and products to relevant people, at the right time. However, one downside to this is how we are limited to sending these communications to only those who have subscribed. Social media gives us another way to get our content in front of more people who haven’t necessarily signed up to hear from us. Maxemail has a number of social media tools and features which can achieve this.

Promoting each others channel

Email is a great way to give your social media following a boost. Your email subscribers are highly likely to have an interest in your content and offerings, so it’s worthwhile getting them to extend their interactions with you by including social media follow links within your campaigns.

The same applies the other way round, using social media to capture more email addresses of the friends of your existing fans. Maxemail enables you to share your campaign via your selected social media channels at the time of send. This can be achieved by a simple tick of a box before entering your desired message and selecting an image to go alongside the post if necessary.

Subscriber Bar

Wouldn’t it be great if you could convert your social media followers to email subscribers? Well with Maxemail you can!

It’s highly likely that you have a large number of customers and potential customers following your business on social media. A high proportion of these may not have signed up to your email marketing list, so including a subscriber bar at the top of your shared email gives those who came across your lovingly created email content on social media the opportunity to sign up to your communications.

Newsfeed Component

Some ESP’s such as Emailcenter allow you to include an external news feed within your campaigns. This is a useful technique to share your social media posts with your email subscribers within the form of a styled newsfeed in line with your brand.

Whether you want to share your most recent twitter posts or select an RSS feed to be displayed, Maxemail enables you to select your desired posts in a few simple steps. Maxemail can automatically pull a selected number of posts to show within your news feed, these being either historic posts which may be relevant to your email content or simply your most recent posts at the time of send of the email.

Using the email address to target inactive subscribers on social

Facebook and Twitter both allow the targeting of ads based upon you providing your customers email addresses and these are matched to the logins used on the social network. One use for this is to start trying to engage with those email subscribers who no longer open your emails.

Another method is to find similar people to those on your email lists allowing you to target the friends of your subscribers or those which share similar interests, locations and attributes.

Social share your key content

Email can be used to tactically drive your subscribers to share your key content. Perhaps this could be a triggered campaign to specifically ask to share their recent purchase, or simply sharing your most recent newsletter to give your social presence a boost.

For more information on how we can integrate your social media channels with your email marketing, get in touch with one of our experts today to arrange a demo.

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