The Hidden Benefits of Maxemail

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Hidden benefits of Maxemail

Sometimes we believe the way our Email Service Provider works is how all Email Providers work, causing us to then put up with things that are less than ideal. We may not quite realise how green the grass is on the other side until we see something else. With Maxemail, we have put a great deal of attention into some seemingly little areas of our platform, that in themselves are not pieces of functionality, but dramatically help customers with their day to day creation of email campaigns. Here are a few examples.

Folder System

When designing an interface for an email system it’s easy to forget that over time customers will have thousands of email campaigns, dozens of data fields and lists, stacks of reports and much more.

We all use folders on our computers to organise files so we don’t just have one gigantic list. In Maxemail, we do the same with everything, right down to replicating the right click on a folder to bring up options or dragging a file into your chosen folder. Now it’s easy to find what you are looking for, and just as easy to find something your colleague did, without having to paginate through dozens of pages to find that old email.


It can be frustrating having to keep clicking back and forth between say an email campaign and importing data or viewing reports. Therefore, we decided to add tabs to Maxemail so you can have as many things open at any one time. Just like using your browser, you can flick quickly between them rather than having to close what you are working on and have to navigate to the other area of the system.

Segment Selection

Our customers tell us we have a unique way of dealing with segments. With Maxemail, you create your desired segments and then choose which ones to use in your email campaign. Of all the segments you select, the customer has to appear in all of those.

This differs with other ESP’s, where generally if you select 3 segments to use, the person can appear in any one of those segments. This is fine if you always send to exactly the same people every time as you can build one master segment. However, if you vary the criteria frequently to reach different combinations of segments,it means you have to build a new segment each time, which might take 20-30 minutes with testing time, even if these are effectively re-using the same rules, but different combinations of these each time.

A Maxemail customer however simply ticks which segments they want to combine each time, taking a matter of seconds and saving huge amounts of time every month.

Campaign Preview Tool

Personalisation and dynamic content can be complicated, and one of those areas is how you preview it to make sure it is working how you intend it to. A lot of systems require you to populate a seed list with dummy data, but that means you can never see the exact version you want, or simply see what is happening for real customers.
Instead, we give the option by showing the email for any recipient record you choose, filtered by any field or dynamic rule.

Create own fields, and as many of them as you like

Our data architecture has evolved since we first built Maxemail back in the early part of the last decade. Back then customers might have a handful of lists, with a small amount of data such as the customer’s first name which they might want to merge into the email. As our customers needs evolved, we changed, and this meant changing the way we store data to make sure it’s still fast and reliable.

Other tools chose not to re-write the underlying platform and, as a result, have to impose restrictions on how much data, in how many fields, can be created. In fact, some ESP’s still don’t let customers create their own fields, meaning there is that lag between when you need something, and when it will be ready to use.

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