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Over the last few years the email marketing space is becoming inundated with new tools to build your email campaigns with. This has empowered marketers to take control of their campaigns and get amazing results without the need for HTML knowledge. A drag and drop editor is one of the top items on the list when looking for a new email partner, but not all are equal. Here are a few key differentials the Maxemail Email Builder has over the run of the mill tools.

Mobile design

Most email builders will choose the way your email looks on mobile for you. But that often leads to compromises and results you don’t want. With a simple click, the Maxemail builder will open up your email in a mobile view giving you the ability to make adjustments to your layout, hide certain elements and stack or unstack your content.

Dynamic content as standard

As marketers, we don’t just send one generic version of an email to our entire database anymore. Instead, we personalise based upon what we know about them, offering content that they are more likely to engage with. That is why the ability to add dynamic content rules and other means of personalising the email is a standard function of Maxemail’s Email Builder. Using drag and drop functionality you can add dynamic content into your email campaigns in a matter of minutes – a fraction of the time it takes to manually code.

Re-ordering and moving wherever you like

At any point through the building process, you can move any element or selection of elements to another part of the email. This gives complete freedom over the layout and means one template can cover all the combinations of future layouts and hierarchy.

Nesting within nesting within nesting…

A lot of editing tools make sacrifices in what you can achieve with their builder in order to make it simpler to build in the first place. Some ESP’s force you to create an email that looks in a certain way, not the way you want it to look. For example, this may mean that you might be able to select a 2 column layout but have little control over the padding and spacing around this, or in what combination of text, images and buttons you can include.

With Maxemail, we took the approach that we want our builder to create any email our customers want. As you can see with our replication of the Late Rooms email we did a few years ago whatever your designer envisages we can make true, even if it did cause us a few headaches when designing the builder for you. Effectively, this is because you can nest any type of component into another, which creates this flexibility that when you compare with other builders makes it far easier to create what you want.

It’s time effective

Many marketers still code their emails through HTML, however, the below video shows a battle between using the Email Builder and HTML code in a bid to create an email.

It’s free to sign up!

As bias as it sounds, we love our Email Builder… It’s user-friendly, automatically mobile responsive, contains a range of features others don’t have and most importantly, creates beautiful emails in a fraction of the time.
Perhaps you are struggling with your current Email Service Provider, approaching renewal of your contract and browsing to see what else is out there, or maybe you simply don’t have the time to code your emails through HTML anymore. Whatever the reason, you can create a free Email Builder account to see what all the fuss is about.

You can sign up for your free Email Builder account here or if you have any further questions regarding your email marketing, get in touch with one of our email experts today.

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