Why Email Marketing is the Most Successful Channel for ROI

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Email Marketing ROI

When it comes down to comparing email against other marketing channels, email continues to hold a strong position. Here’s why email marketing is the most successful channel for ROI, and why it’s set to continue.


Cost isn’t everything – you could argue SEO has the potential to be cheaper, but, for the scale of revenue it can deliver email costs a fraction of a pence per message sent. Nothing else in real terms comes close to this.

It’s a push medium

Email can deliver the revenue when you need it, unlike most other pull channels, email is the one where you can guarantee your message will be seen by large numbers of your customers, rather than waiting for customers to find it.

It can react instantly

Need to launch a flash sale right now? Easy. With a small amount of effort you can reach your customer base in minutes, allowing you to react to competitor promotions or last-minute promotions that management dictate!

Personalisation at scale

Other online channels only offer limited personalisation. Maybe retargeting ads will include the last products the customer browsed but they can’t tailor quite as much as email, which instead, can pull in a wealth of information to deliver unique product recommendations to every individual.


We all know email can show opens and clicks, and then conversions in your ESP or Google Analytics. However, because you know who you did or did not send the email to, there is far more information that can be gleaned to help improve your emails based upon how different segments perform against others.

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