Why real-time support is crucial for your email marketing

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Why real-time support is crucial for email marketing

Technology is probably only 50% of the decision when selecting an email vendor – the rest is based upon the level of service. At Emailcenter, our team are geared up to react quickly as we know how important it is to get help when you need it. Here is why real-time support is crucial for your email marketing and why we think our support service stands out.

You need a response now

When a customer contacts us they don’t want to wait until tomorrow for an answer. Perhaps they are about to go into a meeting and have to finalise their email campaign there and then. Waiting for an answer means they can’t move on and get on with the next task on their to-do list, so we aim to answer all queries there and then where possible.

Someone who knows you

We are not the biggest ESP – but size is not important nowadays. In fact, there are huge advantages of working with a smaller ESP, namely that you know who you are talking with each time, and our support team learn about your business and how you go about your email marketing. As a result, there is no time wasted through misunderstandings or having to explain why you are trying to do something each time, we already know.

Commission free Consultants

Our Consultants are exactly that. Their aim isn’t to sell more add-ons to you but instead, their main interest is getting your exciting email challenges solved and in action.

Speak with the right person – not a gatekeeper

Our support team are highly knowledgeable but if they don’t know the answer to some more specialised queries, they don’t act as a gatekeeper. Their role as a member of the support team is to get the answer solved as soon as possible and they will proactively pull in other members of the team where required.

Contact us in a mean that’s best for you

Whether you’re looking to directly speak to someone over the phone, via email or make use of our online portal, our dedicated support team will always be more than happy to resolve your query in a timely and efficient manner.

Following the initial contact, our customers will receive an automated email with a ticket ID and then any responses from Emailcenter are also sent as emails. At the same time, the tickets are stored within the online portal and the client can access and add any responses from there so it’s easy to track historic conversations.

The Statistics Don’t Lie

We pride ourselves on our level of support we offer at Emailcenter with a customer satisfaction rate of 100% in the last 30 days. We like to ensure that queries are dealt with as soon as possible, answering 60% within an hour and 89% within 8 hours, 10x better than the industry average.

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