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Email marketing for the finance industry

At Emailcenter, we are proud to work with some of the top financial brands such as GoCompare and NS&I. Over time, we have implemented a range of email campaigns to help our clients capitalise on their email marketing. Here are some examples of how email can be used to grow your business.

Quote Chaser

If you have ever requested a quote for an insurance policy you usually take a while to mull it over. Chances are, you go to a few places and the prices are fairly similar. When the time comes to taking out the policy, the marketer needs to maximise the chances of winning the business, and a series of targeted emails reminding them about your quotation can help massively to put the odds in your favour.

Quote Abandonment

Completing an insurance quote can be a long task and I’m not the only one who has given up half way through because I didn’t have all the information I needed to hand. Just like retailers who follow u on abandoned baskets with cart recovery emails, the most successful financial services businesses also follow-up with those who have failed to complete the full quote.

Renewal Campaign

Usually, the last businesses you want to hear from are credit card companies, banks or insurance firms – what interesting things have they go to say 12 months a year? Yet 30 days before your renewal is due there is a definite need to know what it’s going to cost next year, and how to renew. Even if they don’t have a policy with you, use this opportunity to win that business.


The value of acquiring a customer for a financial services brand is often not in the first years policy. The value is realised when other products are bought by that customer. Email is the perfect medium to deliver targeted cross-sells on relevant related products.

Data Collection

In order to power the most effective cross-sells and targeting more data is often required. We always strongly advise avoiding buying data as it can be expensive and unreliable. Instead, incentivised data collection campaigns provide a great way of getting more information about a customer and the financial services products they hold, along with their renewal date at a fraction of the cost of purchased media.

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