Our Love for Email

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Our love for email

It’s that time of year again! Valentines Day is only a couple of days away so what better topic to talk about than our love for email!

Everyone is sending email

There was a time when us email marketers were simply geeks, who were looked down upon by the established marketing world. However, things have changed since then and email is at the forefront of innovative marketing practices, whether it be triggering emails based on proximity to beacons or simply delivering the most relevant and personalised experiences of all online marketing channels.

It’s easy to personalise

Yes, the personalisation factor is our favourite thing. What other channel can you send completely unique content to an individual as easily as email? Other channels can do it, but not with the ease and simplicity email can achieve.

It’s a playground

If you want to test something with email it takes a few minutes to get that test up and running, with results streaming in real-time. Email has helped shape marketers thinking, so fewer are creating huge marketing plans months in advance, but reacting and evolving in an agile way in order to achieve the best results.

The Stats

Data isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but an email marketer has to love data, especially as there is lots of it. You’re not blind and reliant on gut feel like traditional channels, but instead, you can see exactly who is clicking on your email in real-time. Who wasn’t excited the first time they saw this happening on their screen?

It puts you in the palm of their hand. Literally.

How email has evolved from something that required crafting of the right time to send, to now being accessed within seconds of the send by customers on their own personal handheld device! The smartphone has made email even better by being able to access customers like we never could before, no matter where they are.

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