5 of our Favourite Easter Email Marketing Campagins

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Easter is usually a busy time for email marketers with the extra holidays being a popular time to launch big promotions. Here are some of our favourite creatives.

Banana Republic – The Egg Hunt

A tradition of easter in the egg hunt is replicated here by Banana Republic. The concept is get people exploring the site looking for that golden egg, and you never know you might make that impulse sale in the 40% promo.

Banana Republic Easter Email Marketing Campaign

Terrain – Good Egg

Terrain have made good use of custom photography here to align with there theme while showing off their range. No doubt it was also a fun shoot for the photographer!

Terrain Easter Email Marketing Campaign


Crew – Cracking…

Extremely simple concept but well executed linking easter to their promotion using the ‘Here’s what’s cracking’ strapline and overlaying the promotion on the egg.

J.Crew Easter Email Marketing Campaign


Pottery Barn – Top 5

We are always on the look out for great email layouts and this is one by Pottery Barn. The use of numbers, alternate column layouts on each row and irregular shapes endures the eye is drawn down the page.

Pottery Barn Easter Email Marketing Campaign


B+C – Hop to it

More simple copy using ‘Hop to it’ to link easter in, but complete with a colour wave that also says easter and spring.

B&C Easter Email Marketing Campaign


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