Email Marketing for the Leisure Industry

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Email marketing best practice guides for the leisure industry are few and far between. However at Emailcenter we have plenty of experience in helping the likes of Hungry House, Gordon Ramsey Group & Payasugym to use email strategically, to help keep the customers coming back time and time again.

Email Marketing for the Leisure Industry

Here are some key areas to think about if you are sending emails in the Leisure Industry.

Capturing Data

Nearly every leisure business will have a physical bricks and mortar element to it, and this is often the only place where most customers and prospects will connect with you. Therefore capturing email addresses here is really important. Whether this is providing front-line staff with training and tools to ask customers for their address, competitions where they can enter on their phone or simply make it part of your booking experience, this is where a little bit of thought can help you quickly capture the majority of customers emails.

Thanks for your recent visit – when are you coming back?

An email address is only useful if there is a future booking or visit to be had. Rather than simply dumping these addresses into one big pot and treating everyone the same, create some targeted campaigns that talk about their last visit and incentivise or recommend the next visit.

Where else can I visit?

If you have multiple locations that someone can visit. A good way of getting customers to experience these is to work out which ones they are most likely to visit – this might be location or based on what other people who visited the same restaurant or venue did next.

The role of mobile

Mobile usually accounts for 50-60% of email opens. In addition to this, it can be especially important for those who bring their confirmation or special offer on their phone. Invest time in making sure your email renders beautifully on all mobile devices.

Share your experience

Email can help drive key actions like sharing experiences on social media or leaving reviews. Set up automated emails to do this after their visit and try adding incentives to make these campaigns fly.

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