How to Make Your Life as an Email Marketer Easier

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As great as email is it can take up more human resource than the other online channels so there is a real need to find ways to save time and become more efficient. Here are our 5 key tips:

How to make your life as an Email Marketer Easier
Invest in your HTML creation process

Out of all email marketing processes, HTML creation is the most time consuming. Having an email builder which makes it faster to create emails, automatically make them responsive and ensures there are less likely to be issues with how they render will have the biggest impact on how much time can be saved. Our Maxemail Email Builder does just that allowing those not proficient with HTML to quickly build HTML emails as good as that of an experienced email designer and taking care of all the areas around mobile and rendering.


Setting up emails usually means working in multiple areas witin an ESP at the same time. This might be loading data, creating segments, getting results of the last email as well as building and testing a multitude of emails.

That’s why Maxemail has a tab based system, allowing you to flick between areas you are working on, saving you time.

Automated Reporting

Anyone who has worked in a client-side marketing or e-commerce team knows that there are endless reports to produce, many of which you are not even sure anyone ever looks at. That’s why all reports in Maxemail Insight Reports are configurable.  You can create your own dashboard showing a variety charts or rows of email results, defined by your own time period, comparable to previous periods. All are ready to copy and paste into your presentations and spreadsheets, and scheduled to arrive in your inbox when you need it.

Let the platform build and send the email for you

You know that your email platform can send daily emails on your behalf but does your email platform allow to pull in the latest content? Regular emails can be fully automated by pulling in information on what your latest products are, and sending the email to your chosen audience without any human intervention.

Don’t keep touching data

In this day and age every email marketer should have their data automatically synchronised with their ESP. But there is also the requirement to then use that data. If you change the selection on most emails, then time can be wasted if you have to create a custom segment for each campaign, rather than selecting from a variety of segments which you created previously.

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