New Client Services Manager – Amy Myers

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Hello, I’m Amy, the new Client Services Manager at Emailcenter.

I join Emailcenter with a background in design, account management and hand coding. I’ll be heading up the Maxservices team and I’m looking forward to be working with, and building relationships with our customers.

I’m a process nut who likes a plan to follow. When there’s no plan, I’ll make one!
In the past it’s been joked that I’ve ‘not moved in’ to my desk, as I keep my workspace clean and very organised. In my opinion, a messy desk is a messy mind.

When I’m not at work you’ll find me pounding the pavements training for races, if I’m honest, I’m in it for the medals. However, if it’s too cold I’ll head indoors for a long bouldering session. My family and I are very competitive and try to ‘out-run’ each other with our recorded distances on a fitness app.

I am really looking forward to working with our clients and helping them to achieve their Email Marketing goals.


About Amy Myers

Client Services Manager at Emailcenter UK Ltd, a leading provider of email marketing software and solutions.