Avoiding Display Issues With Your Email Campaigns

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Despite it being 2016 email clients such as Outlook are still poor at displaying HTML meaning marketers have to spend time coding their emails like it’s 1999 or suffer display issues. Here are some ways this can be made easier.

Avoiding Display Issues With Your Email Campaigns

Use a builder designed for email

Modern drag and drop HTML email builders such as the Email Builder in Maxemail take away the need to know any HTML code, let alone any email specific HTML. This means you save time in not having to test quite as extensively as otherwise, and certainly spend less time fixing rendering issues that arise.

Follow the rules

Ah the quirks of HTML email! Remember all images need ‘style=”display: block;’ to avoid Firefox issues, use inline styles instead of a style tag and get your table tags out. Div tags might be what the lucky web designers can use but for email we are still in the world of HTML tables!

Always be testing

Our Maxemail platform plugs straight into Litmus, a tool for taking screenshots of exactly what your email looks like in dozens of email clients and web mail providers. This is far quicker than testing yourself in several email addresses, and will catch much more. Did you know Outlook 2000, Outlook 2007 & 2010, Outlook 2013, and the latest Outlook all render HTML slightly differently? When you know this you know you need to run the Litmus test.


If you can’t use a specialist email builder then at least try to stick with templates. This reduces the amount of new issues you can introduce each time and therefore less rendering mistakes.

Ask the experts

Your day job isn’t to know every piece of HTML that can and can’t be used across different clients – but for the team at Emailcenter it is. So don’t waste too much time looking yourself, pick up the phone ask our team and chances are in 2 minutes you will have your solution.

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