Saving Time On Your Email Marketing

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Do you find yourself, as an Email Marketer, always rushed off your feet,  with never enough hours in the day to do all of the incentives you want in your eCRM programme?  Finding efficiency savings can give you that free time to do more, but also spend your time more productively on strategic initiatives. Here are 5 ways you can save that time:

Save Time With Your Email Marketing


Production time is the biggest drain for most email marketers. There are now lots of options to cost effectively outsource this, including to expert teams like ours at Emailcenter, where we can help you cope with the peak resource requirements. We also offer added value due to our expertise being focussed on building email campaigns, ensuring production happens faster, more accurately and benefits from more knowledge and ideas to improve what you are sending.


It can be tempting to skip some of the planning process to save time in the short term so you can focus on doing other tasks. Yet a good plan always saves time in the future. It enables you to work out where there will be resource pinches, and also where there is a lull. The lull is where you can get ahead and smooth the peaks out. Without a plan, trying to get colleagues to provide their required input into the future email in terms of content, promotions will be harder to achieve.

The Builder

Outsourcing is not practical for all so there is a need to find other ways of streamlining the build process. One of these is to use a building tool made for the purpose such as the Email Builder in Maxemail. This makes it possible to give email creation tasks to non-technical staff while also reducing the amount of time spent on proofing and fixes as it always uses code, compliant across all email devices.


If a task can be automated, then it should be automated. Most email marketers now have integrated data between their website and internal systems and the ESP, but there are still opportunities for automation in other areas. This could include having an email template where all of the news stories or products are automatically built, without you having to manually create these each time.


You shouldn’t need to spend time filling in internal spreadsheets about your email marketing if you have the right reporting suite in your ESP. Maxemail allows custom dashboards that can be sent to your mailbox on your desired schedule with a whole array of customisable reports. In addition copying any data into a spreadsheet is designed to be a one-click job.


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