Enhancing Your Email Marketing Campaign in a Crowded Inbox

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How to enhance your email campaign in a crowded inbox

With the average person receiving approximately 416 emails per month (source: MarketingCharts) it’s getting increasingly harder for companies to stand out in a crowded inbox.

With the right email marketing software and support services, you can easily build an engaging email marketing campaign, giving  your subscribers a reason to open and interact with your business.

Use personalisation in your emails

The ‘from’ name of an email is an important factor to if it will be opened or overlooked. Using a personal name in conjunction with your business or brand name can increase both open and click through rates by up to 25% compared to just using your company name. Rotating the name of person that the email is from will also keep your email’s fresh and create more of an impact.

Personalising the content of the email is just as important as personalising who it’s from – treat your email subscribers with respect and make them feel valued. Let them know you’ve hand-picked them for that particular email campaign and take notice of what they are interested in.

Create an engaging email subject line

The subject line is the next important factor and provides an overview of what the email is about. There are various studies to suggest if this is best kept long or short, but our key concern is not the length, it needs to reflects what is in the email above all else. Naturally this lends short subject lines to emails with a singular topic, and long subject lines with multiple topics.

Keep your email content relevant

Relevancy is about making sure your email content is focussed on the specific interests and tastes of the individual recipient, and not doing some basic email targeting to a handful of segments. If a person was to continuously receive emails from you that have no relevance to their interests then they are more than likely to ignore your emails altogether, or unsubscribe. Give your subscribers something they are interested in and a reason to open your email above others.

In Maxemail, our bespoke email marketing platform, you can create subscriber segments from your data, personalise your emails, schedule and report on your campaigns success.

Offer your email subscribers something different

You still need to keep the email content relevant to the subscribers interest, but how about offering a limited time discount, an exclusive price, a free trial or a sneak peak into a new product line? Promote something that others cannot offer your subscribers and include this in the subject line, which will encourage them to open your email.

If you find people are visiting your website and abandoning their shopping carts then our Maxecommerce platform allows you to send automated email campaigns to encourage these customers to complete their purchase. An exclusive offer is a great way of drawing them back in and driving sales.

Test sending your email at different times

When you delve into your inbox first thing in the morning or come out of a meeting and have 20 emails to read how many of those actually get read? That is why timing is so important. If your email is delivered too early or too late in the day then you risk landing at the same times as the competition. Each company will have different optimal send times, so you need to test to find what works well for you.

Repeat your email campaign

You won’t be able to get your timing 100% right first time, leading to lots of emails left unread. Don’t presume it’s because your email content wasn’t good enough or the subscriber made a conscious decision to not open it. As explained previously, we are busy and have a lot of emails fighting for our time. Instead, try tweaking the email content and resend it to all non-openers at a different time with a different subject line, you may find that a sizeable chunk will respond.

Our Maxemail platform allows you to build email campaigns, upload and select segments and schedule when they should be sent, allowing you to test and analyse your email marketing campaigns with ease. For further information on our email marketing platform backed by other solutions and services, please contact us or you can request a free demonstration via our website.

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