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Email marketing is an important part of your overall marketing strategy and should be used to build trust, loyalty and brand awareness with your customers, as well as to drive sales and return on investment. There are lots of things you could be doing to stay ahead of the competition, from simple ad hoc email updates to triggered email marketing campaigns.

Stay ahead of the game by planning your email marketing and trial different types of campaigns that can be created and delivered to your chosen customer segments through Maxemail, our highly-advanced and easy-to-use email marketing platform. 

Welcome Emails

We all know that first impressions count, so it’s important to make your customers feel welcome as soon as they’ve been added to your email marketing list. A series of welcome emails will give you the chance to introduce the company, set out what they’re likely to expect in your communications, and ask them to complete their profile for more targeted email marketing campaigns in the future.

Transactional Emails

Throughout the year, retailers regularly send transactional emails to promote products and services that they want to sell through. These types of email marketing campaigns are usually planned in to raise awareness of new offers or drive sales on lines or categories that need to be increased. The message and incentive delivered in your email will depend on your business, but adding a time sensitive or exclusive offer to the email subject line and content helps to drive conversion. For example, if you want to fill hotel rooms during the quieter periods then an email campaign will allow you to reach your target audience quickly.

Birthday and Anniversary Themed Emails

Triggering personalised emails on your customer’s birthday or the anniversary of their registration with you will help to enhance your relationship, showing that they are a valued customer and you have taken notice of the information within their profile. Voucher codes and exclusive offers included in these types of emails tend to work well for businesses in the retail, travel and leisure industries.

Seasonal and Holiday Themed Emails

Christmas, New Year, Easter and other national holidays are important times of year for most retailers, and this is the time when consumers expect to be inundated with offers and promotions. Email marketing should play a big part in your seasonal campaign plan. There will be a lot of emails sent during these busy periods, so it’s important to plan your promotion and campaign well in advance for maximum impact.

Retargeting Email Campaigns

Retargeting is one of the most powerful ways of drawing ‘window shoppers’ back in and converting sales. By tracking a customer’s activity on your website you can see what they’re looking at to trigger highly-targeted emails with relevant content. For example, a holiday they were looking at with alternatives to encourage a booking.

On the flip side, it’s possible to implement tracking pixels into the HTML of your email marketing campaigns, so you can serve display advertisements across a network of websites to anyone who opens your email.

Cart Abandonment Email Campaigns

Most online retailers experience a high percentage of customers putting items in their shopping carts and leaving before they complete the purchase. Cart abandonment email campaigns are ideal for retailers to draw customers back to complete their purchase, improving both sales and website conversion rates.

Order Status Emails

We all like to be kept in the loop on purchases that we’ve made, whether it’s over the phone or online, so it’s important to implement a series of order status emails to keep that communication flow. This should include an order confirmation with invoice and order dispatch.

Feedback and Survey Request Emails

Once your customer has received the product or service they’ve paid for, surely you’d want to know what they thought of your company and all processes involved? This is a great way to collect stats and testimonials for your marketing activities and feedback for future developments.

Upselling and Cross Selling Emails

Once a customer has made a purchase, you have the data available to target them with offers that compliment or are similar to the product or service they have invested in. For example, you can email them with ink cartridge offers after purchasing a printer, or let them know when a new model of their mobile phone is released.

Newsletter Emails

Monthly newsletters are a great way of keeping your customers and other stakeholders up to date with company information. This will help to build relationships and a picture of your business, rather than just targeting them with sales-driven emails.

Digest Emails

Daily or weekly digest emails are another way of connecting with your customers, providing links to your recent blog articles and industry-related news to back your product and service offering.

Update Emails

It’s important to include ad hoc emails within your email marketing plan as this will allow you to quickly update your customers and other stakeholders with important information. Emails of this nature may include urgent product recalls and unexpected changes to products and services, stock updates etc.

How Emailcenter can help

With Maxemail, you have access to a range of easy-to-use tools to create, send and report on engaging email marketing campaigns. You can upload or collect email data within the platform itself using bespoke sign-up forms, creating a profile of your customers that can be used for segmentation and triggered email campaigns.

Email marketing can be a complicated and confusing channel. Our Maxservice Team are available to help you plan, manage and execute email campaigns effectively, ensuring return on investment.

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