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We’ve recently been discussing the Euro’s (the football not the referendum) at Emailcenter and here’s our prediction – no doubt there will be an overwhelming amount of emails sent from companies jumping on the back of the tournament with bad puns, tenuous links and just a lot of noise trying to grab the attention of their email subscribers.


There’s a belief that aligning your email campaigns with a sporting event that has billions of followers will resonate and make you stand out to all other emails in your customer’s inbox. Far from it – if anything you’ll simply be lost in a sea of similar emails, unless you can grab your readers attention with something that interests them or an exclusive offer that’s not to be missed!

This Summer’s football tournament will almost definitely affect the results of your emails, so here are some thoughts on how to maximise your campaigns and survive during this period.

Timing one-off emails

Those interested in the football will be focused on TV schedules, betting sites or enjoying the atmosphere down the local pub. It’s advised to avoid sending your emails on main match days at peak times as this is exactly when the overall volume of emails will be sent. Try engaging with your subscribers leading up to or after the event with personalisation and an incentive for them to open your email.

Planning an aggressive email campaign

Volumes of emails will surge during this period, so if you chose to join in with the majority then you’ll need to plan a series of emails within your campaign and turn on the frequency tap. If you need to maintain sales during this period then this is your only option, but the reality is you’ll need to send a series of engaging emails to your subscribers to increase the chances of being seen in a crowded inbox.

Including creative incentives

‘Score Yourself a Deal’ and ‘Hat Trick Promotions’ are two examples of weak puns customers may see featured in football-focused emails this Summer. Email subject lines or headlines containing puns like this aren’t going to cut it if you want to stand out, so get your thinking caps on and go for broke if you want to give your subscribers a reason to open.

How about offering 20% discount if Germany lose or launch a competition asking your email subscribers to vote for the winner of the tournament with a guaranteed prize for all correct entries when the results come in?

Prepare your email templates for change

We all know that this Summer’s big football tournament kicks off on Friday 10th June and ends on Sunday 10th July, but we don’t know exactly what will happen in between. Be prepared for changes and further opportunities to target and engage with your email subscribers. Plan ahead and leave space in your email campaign strategy to adapt the content of emails as the competition progresses.


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