Does Time Impact Your Email Marketing?

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How to save time on email marketing

There are two common reasons that prevent marketeers from developing their email marketing strategy; one is time and the other is knowledge. What you need is access to an advanced email marketing software package that’s highly-efficient and easy to use, with advice and support when you need it, right?

Luckily for you, Emailcenter has developed a solution for large businesses and busy marketeers just like you, and as we’re talking about how to save time on email marketing I’m going to keep this article as short as possible!

Save time with Maxemail

Maxemail is a self-service platform driven by powerful email marketing software. In a nutshell, it contains a wide range of tools that enables you to create engaging, highly-personalised and branded email marketing campaigns without having to build a HTML email template from scratch.

So, how does Maxemail enable you to save time on your email marketing? The platform itself takes you through a process to develop each email campaign, but the answer is in the email builder.

Reduce your email building time

Maxemail’s email builder was introduced in 2013 and has been developed continuously to enhance its features, making it even easier to use. The email builder has drag-&-drop functionality that enables you to build email templates, which can then be used to create campaigns by simply pulling in various components, such as:

  • Dynamic content
  • Branding and imagery
  • Columns, titles and text boxes
  • Snippets and call to actions
  • Social buttons and newsfeeds

Using snippets to pull in headers, footers and other previously created content will save you time, along with the ability to carbon-copy past email campaigns to use as a base for others. Dynamic content is also built directly into the email builder, so you can drag & drop content that you want to change depending on your recipient and data.

Effective communication and email management

Communication is important to understand the full capabilities of the platform and how the tools can help you save time. We’ve spent time building a user manual behind the Maxemail platform, but our training and support team at Emailcenter’s head office are available to answer any technical questions you may have. Yes, you can actually speak to a human being!

Further to this, our Maxservices Team provides additional support to businesses who require assistance on strategy development and email campaign management, with a dedicated account manager only a phone call or email away.

One thing to remember is that planning is an important time management technique and will save you a lot of time in the long run. You will at least need to review the data you have available and set some objectives before attempting to create your email marketing campaigns, but our team are more than happy to help define your strategy and save time.


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