Last Chance for Father’s Day Promotions

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Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

This year, Father’s Day falls on Sunday 19th June and I think many of us are in agreement that it’s one of the most difficult holidays to shop for. The day is fast approaching and you may have overlooked this special day in your email marketing schedule, but it’s not too late.

With email marketing you can target your customers quickly and it’s the perfect opportunity to help them find a last minute Father’s Day gift. It doesn’t take long to create an email in Maxemail using our drag-&-drop email builder, and you can easily pull in dynamic content to personalise the message sent to each customer.

So, with only three days to go, what could you promote for Father’s Day? Here are some ideas that will help you to drive engagement and sales via your email marketing channel.

Retailers and eCommerce

Obviously the products you choose to promote in your email will depend on your industry. Fashion retailers may choose ties, cufflinks, watches and socks whereas a cosmetic retailer may choose aftershave and shaving kits.

The message that goes with your products is down to you and how you want to draw your customers in. You’ll need to think about the pricing and how you can get the gift to your customer in time. Maybe think about featuring a range of products with different pricing points or a discount on last minute Father’s Day gifts. This is a good opportunity to promote your next day delivery service or click-&-collect service for those with a high street store.

Food and Beverage

It’s easy to book a table or arrange a day out when you’re unsure on a gift, so this is a fantastic opportunity to increase bookings over the weekend. Think about your customer’s budget and promoting a Father’s Day special offer, such as a ‘free dessert and drink with every main meal’.

The food and beverage industry is highly competitive, so make sure you optimise your subject line to drive click through rates. You’ll need to think about the message in your email and encourage your customers to spend with you over other local competitors too. Maybe they will want to stay in and grab a take away on the Sunday evening, so if you offer that service include a delivery special offer too.

Travel and Leisure

There’s lots that you can offer in terms of travel and leisure, and you can utilise your data effectively to make recommendations based on your customers location. Try promoting various deals for events, day trips, hotel and restaurant packages and spa breaks. Booking a day or night away for this weekend may be short notice for many, however a voucher will go down well as a thoughtful Father’s Day gift. With email marketing you can deliver their chosen voucher quickly and easily ready for the big day.


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