Introducing Maxemail’s New Navigation Bar

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Over the last few years, our development team at Emailcenter UK Ltd has been working solidly on bringing you top-of-the-range email marketing tools and features via the Maxemail user interface. This includes a mobile responsive drag and drop email builder, dynamic content component, social media tools, powerful reporting suite, enhanced security and much more.

However, with all these exciting changes, I will be the first to admit that one thing we pushed back slightly longer than we originally planned was to give Maxemail’s “classic look” user interface a much needed update. So last year, after a nationwide hunt where we tracked down some of the very best designers and developers in the land, we finally started work on updating the look of our email marketing platform.

Many of our users will remember the first stage of this process a few month back. While a huge amount of work went in to this first release behind the scenes, it basically appeared to the end user to be little more than a bit of an updated skin. Feedback from our users for this stage was generally very positive, so this month we are pleased to be rolling out the second stage of the platform redesign.

This time round we’ve introduced a new navigation bar, which will make the way you interact with Maxemail a little different. We hope it will improve productivity while still giving you fast access to the email marketing tools and features you need.


New Navigation Bar Maxemail


Following feedback from our clients, it was widely felt that one of Maxemail’s strongest features was the navigation bar and accessible folder structure. Users told us they found it really useful for organising and accessing their emails, content, data and reports. However, being fixed down the left side of the user interface they also thought it sometimes felt like a waste of workspace.

With Maxemail’s new navigation bar update, we have kept the original folder structure in place but have designed it to open and hide automatically when you are working on your email marketing campaigns.


New Navigation section area automatically hides when not in use


In addition to the email, content, data and reporting sections, we built a neat little favourites area within Maxemail’s new navigation bar, giving you quicker access to those items you use regularly. Being able to create shortcuts to your most used email marketing tools and features seemed like a no brainer and something we hope will allow our users to become even more organised.

New Navigation Panel


Maxemail’s new navigation bar is something we’re pretty pleased with and we hope to improve it even further over time following feedback from our users. I hope you’re as excited as we are and you can rest assured that we’re already working on plenty of other development projects that will enhance the user interface even further.

If you have any questions about Maxemail’s new navigation bar please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Training and Support Team via telephone, email or the Emailcenter community.

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