How to Prevent Common Email Marketing Mistakes

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How to Avoid Common Email Marketing Mistakes | Emailcenter

There’s not much worse than hearing ‘the link in the email you’ve just sent is broken’. It’s very public, very embarrassing and no doubt the boss will be one of the first to see it. Once the email is sent there’s no way of recalling it and you’ll have wasted time building an email campaign that’s not fit for purpose.

So what are the most common email marketing errors and how can you prevent them?

Personalisation Errors

One of the most common mistakes is forgetting to replace the personalisation placeholder you had in your email with the merge field, or you might have tried to use a merge field that doesn’t contain data for all customers. In this event, you end up with ‘Dear [NAME]’ rather than ‘Dear Chris’.

To prevent personalisation errors, it’s strongly advised to use the preview tool within your email marketing platform or use one that provides this function.

Maxemail has a simple but comprehensive preview tool as part of the testing suite, which allows users to see every persons email before sending. Of course if you’re sending to thousands of subscribers it isn’t practical to proof every single email, so you can filter by a specific field or rule in the preview tab to make sure all names are merged.

Try setting default text if there’s no data in the required field, such as ‘Subscriber’ or ‘Valued Customer’ if populating the email with their name. You can also write rules to show different email content to those that you don’t specific information for so they receive a standard email rather than one that’s personalised to them.

Broken Links

By default, you should be checking every link in your email campaign before sending it out. To prevent sending emails with broken links it’s advised to implement a process to test various elements of your campaign. Run your campaign through a fresh pair of eyes or use a platform that can pick up on broken links and other mistakes.

Those using Maxemail can automatically check each link within their emails to make sure they’re not redirecting to an error page, and allows you to send unlimited tests so that your colleagues can review the email in their inbox.

Rendering Errors

Unfortunately, some email clients make it hard work for us email marketeers. In order to engage with your subscribers, you need to make sure each email client will render the email campaign exactly as you want it.

It’s advised to run your campaign through a testing application like Litmus, which shows you a screenshot of exactly how your email will look in over 30 email clients, such as Gmail and Outlook. This is built directly into the Maxemail interface, so with a click of a button users can see how their emails will render.

Mobile Viewing Error

We’ve recently highlighted the importance of mobile responsive emails as many of your subscribers will potentially view your email campaign on a smartphone or tablet. To ensure your email renders correctly on a mobile device, you need to make sure you implement a mobile-responsive design.

You can build a mobile-optimised email template yourself if you have the ability to do so, or simply use a drag-&-drop email builder like the one in Maxemail that will automatically produces a mobile version of your campaign.

Don’t make the mistake in thinking the layout of your email is suitable for all electronic devices.

Spelling Mistakes

To avoid spelling mistakes in the content or subject line of your emails, the most obvious thing to do is have someone else check the email campaign over before you send it. You could also copy the text into a word processing application to highlight any errors, or save time by using an email marketing platform with email builder that has a spell checker built in, such as Maxemail.

Link Tracking Mistakes

Something a lot of people don’t check before they send is if the tracking codes have been applied to the links. Without tracking, how will you be able to measure email engagement? Again, having another pair of eyes to pick up on email errors and missing tracking codes would really help.

Tracking is essential if you want to report on and optimise your email marketing campaigns, and fortunately Maxemail makes it easy for email marketeers by allowing the user to define tracking at both default template and campaign level.

It’s important to remember that we are all human and occasionally mistakes will be made. One of the benefits of email marketing is if you do find an error within your email then you can react quickly with another to try and correct the issue.

Having a robust process in place to create, edit, check, test and send your emails is essential for quality assurance, and will give you peace of mind that your email campaign will be delivered error free.

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