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Salesforce Integration with Maxemail | Emailcenter

So you’ve started using Salesforce to collect and organise your data….what now? Salesforce is a great CRM tool, I use it myself on a daily basis. However, it’s functionality is limited when it comes to emailing correspondence to business contacts and leads. The email functionality is adequate if you want to market on a very basic level with a simple template, but what if you require more advanced features like segmentation, datatables, dynamic content and reporting?

The answer is to make use of an email service provider, like Emailcenter, who understands the software and has a robust salesforce integration setup with their email marketing platform. Luckily for you we have Salesforce integration covered with Maxemail!

Salesforce Integration Options

You have two options when it comes to Salesforce integration. The first is making use of an API, which requires programming experience and is often quite costly to implement, and the second is using a pre-built plug-in. Well I’m no programmer and many people aren’t, so the only option I would have is to use the Salesforce plug-in.

Using the Pre-Built Salesforce Plugin

So how do you make use of the Salesforce plugin? Well firstly, in Maxemail the plugin is very importantly provided at no additional cost – I know this will be music to the ears of every marketeer on a budget!

The development team at Emailcenter have defiantly sat down and thought about the end user and developed a plugin that makes full use of Salesforce reports to import your data into Maxemail.

Using the Salesforce plugin, we can easily inform Maxemail of what reports you want to use and how often you want it to run the import. Once this is done away you go!

Two-Way Salesforce Integration

Imports are setup securely and ran in the background, ensuring that your email database and associated data is up to date. You can then make use of the email marketing tools available within Maxemail, such as the email builder that allows you to create emails with dynamic content using drag and drop functionality, which you cannot do within Salesforce directly.

Another smart feature of the plugin is that the information can be fed back into Salesforce from Maxemail, so it works both ways. Salesforce will record what emails have been sent to each contact and the user can preview the email itself within the platform. Detailed information is recorded so you can drill down to see if the email was opened and what they clicked on.

Learn More About Your Contacts

This two-way Salesforce integration not only gives your marketing team the data they need to develop their email campaigns, but also equips your frontline sales team with valuable information. They can see what emails were sent to each contact and what they’re interested by the links clicked, helping them to personalise their sales pitch….and therefore sell more!

It’s important to understand the value of Salesforce integration and how easy it is to set up within Maxemail. To learn more about the capabilities of our email marketing software and how you can use your data effectively, please contact me directly on 01327 811884 or email

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