Achieving Smarter Marketing

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Achieving Smarter Marketing

Marketers are under pressure more and more these days to drive better and better results. With the increase in workload, resource-starved marketers are looking for smarter ways and more efficient processes in carrying out their tasks.

Luckily, email marketing has seen a massive increase in technology advances over the last few years, which have improved the speed, accuracy and results of campaigns. And if we’re all honest about it, saving time on tasks is probably number one on the list for improving your daily work life.

Email campaigns are much easier to create nowadays thanks to email builders that allow you to simply drag and drop your content. Tools like this have really opened up the door for many marketers, who either struggle for time when coding their own emails, or who do not know how to code.

The obvious route was to hire an external design agency to create a template for your team to use, but this became expensive and also time consuming. So when these email builders started to arrive, I gave out a cheer and a fist pump, well in my head at least.

First came the email builders and mobile responsive design

Before I became an Emailcenter employee, I was actually a customer. I had been using Maxemail for a number of years, so when the email builder was released in the platform I was amazed. Suddenly I no longer had to deal with an external agency to create my emails, I could create my vision easily and quickly. No more to-ing and fro-ing, back and forth with the agency until the design was right. My campaign creation time went from days to just hours and my work life improved dramatically.

Smarter email marketing had started and soon new tools were added all-of-the-time. With the world turning to smaller and more mobile devices, the need for emails to adapt to the screen size they are viewed on became less of a requirement and more of a necessity.

Then came dynamic content and automation

Suddenly a new challenge was found and the answer again came from Maxemail’s email builder. Not only could you create your own emails, you could also have a mobile responsive design as standard. We added this feature a number of years ago, by automatically making any email created in the email builder mobile responsive. From this version you could adjust stacking, change alignments and hide content, another time-saving tool.

Now moving forward, automation and relevancy are the key areas marketers are working towards. Again email marketing is right there with dynamic content, which allows you to have multiple version of content within the same email, that will only be displayed to subscribers who meet certain criteria. I personally love this feature, as I now no longer need to create multiple emails and use segmentation to dictate who receives it, saving even more time!

Automation has been around for a long time, but over the past few years, we have noticed an increase in businesses using it or planning on using it in the future. The ability to automatically trigger an email based on an event has given marketers and the end users an instant touchpoint to work from, and in an age where instant feedback in the norm, automated emails are a must.

More tools will continually be added to improve email marketing workflow and make us all smarter marketers. I for one am looking forward to the future, because if the past is anything to go by, we are in for some exciting advances.

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