Insight: How do Marketers feel about their Current Email Marketing Platform?

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We have a lot of new businesses coming on board with us due to issues with their current email service provider. We started to wonder if this was the norm within the industry, so last week we ran another poll on Twitter targeting email marketers to ask how happy they are with their email marketing platform. The results we found were quite surprising.

64% of those who responded are generally unhappy and are looking to change provider. A whopping 36% of these stated that they ‘hate’ the email marketing platform they’re currently using and are looking to leave ASAP.


Without speaking to each of these responders individually it’s impossible to give you the exact reason for their vote. However, there must be something missing from the email marketing platforms or service received for these results to appear.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom, 17% of responders said they love their current platform and another 19% said they’re unlikely to leave.

For all of us at Emailcenter, the thought of one client being dissatisfied with our platform would hurt us to the bone, which is why we constantly review and develop Maxemail every 4 weeks. We are always striving for more, because our clients are striving for more!

What’s The Biggest Issue?

So what are the reasons that marketers are not in love with their platforms? We decided to follow up with a second poll asking exactly that. In terms of writing this blog, I would have preferred the results to be a little bit more conclusive. It was a very tight result as you can see.


I think we can at the very least say that marketers need support in using their platforms, especially if they are looking to do anything advanced. And that makes sense, while the process of creating advanced campaigns is getting simpler, interaction between platform support and user is still needed.

If I’m honest, I’m quite surprised that ‘Not Advanced Enough’ came joint first with ‘Poor Support’! There are plenty of email marketing platforms available, yet the majority are tailored to the load and send methods. So in reality, with news of new tools available in the email marketing world, it isn’t really a surprise that marketers are looking for more advanced tools.

With the large number of platforms available it can make the decision-making process daunting, especially when trying to find a way to differentiate between all of the providers.

My Advice

The key piece of advice I can give you is that you need be clear on your current capabilities and what you are looking to achieve. Having a platform that is good for you now is great, but what if you outgrow it in six months? You will normally have to wait another 6 months until you can move if you’re tied into a contract.

Make sure you explain to potential email service providers what you are hoping to achieve, and ask for details of how their platform will help you to meet these objectives.

Following this plan, you will hopefully start to fall in love with your next email marketing provider.

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