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Triggering Stock Alert Emails | Emailcenter

How many times have you selected your size online to find that the item’s not in stock? Have you ever held off from buying something to see if the price drops? Stock alert emails are a great way of drawing your customers back in to make a purchase. You can create triggered campaigns to notify them when a product of interest is back in stock or been placed on sale to improve sales and return on investment.

Two or three years ago I would hit the highstreet every other weekend for a trip to my favourite retail stores. Now, it’s so easy for me to shop from the comfort of my home using my smartphone or tablet. Technology has made online shopping a breeze, which is ideal when you don’t want to face the crowds, especially over the busy Christmas and New Year period.

I’ve seen a few retailers offer their customers a stock update email service, which I personally use time and time again. These emails are valuable as they present information that is relevant to me. They always draw me back in to relook at the product, and will give you an opportunity to improve customer retention rates and online sales.

65% of consumers said they would click the link within an email if they found the content interesting (Source: DMA Insight)

Of course your customers are going to find this type of email interesting – they have already shown interest in the product. Below are two types of stock alert emails you could trigger.

Back In Stock Email Alerts

“Lucky You – Your Size Is Back In Stock”

It’s very frustrating when you discover an item isn’t available in your size, and even more so having to check back on the website for stock updates. Zalando (shown below) allows you to input your email address for stock notifications, whether you have an account or not. The email features a simple call to action for the customer to continue to make the purchase.

Zalando Back In Stock Email Update Example

62% of companies surveyed in 2016 said their automated email programmes were either very successful or quite successful (Source: Econsultancy)

Sale Email Alerts

“Great News – Your Wish List Item is Now On Sale”

We all love a sale, so when an item drops in price why not notify those customer who have it on their wish list. Both Zalando and Shopstyle (shown below) trigger emails when the price of an item declines. This allows the customer to revisit their wish list and grab the item at a lower price before it goes out of stock.

Shopstyle Sale Email Updates Example

How to Trigger Stock Alert Emails

If you’re an existing Maxemail user, you can build individual campaigns within the platform and send an API call when you need to trigger an email to a specific subscriber. Design one email with dynamic content for your ‘back in stock’ and ‘sale’ campaigns, and when this is triggered the email will display the correct product images, text and pricing to each recipient.

Data or No Data – Now That is the Question

Don’t rule out stock alert emails and similar campaigns if you don’t yet have your customer data in place. Get in touch with our in-house team, or your own email service provider if you’re not using Maxemail, to discuss how you can work towards implementing these. Our email marketing experts can help you devise a strategy and execute your campaigns when ready.

If you do have the data in place already, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team and get your stock update alerts up and running. The process should be relatively straight forward and you could have your emails in place for the busy festive period shopping period.

Think of the additional revenue you could generate by simply updating your customers on products they’ve expressed interest in. It’s a no brainer for online retailers who want to develop their email marketing strategy and something we can help you to achieve.

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