Top 10 Tips for Perfecting Your Christmas Emails

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Christmas Email Marketing Tips | Emailcenter

The season is upon us, so here are our top tips to help you build the perfect Christmas email campaigns in Maxemail. Learn from Santa and his friends in our short animated video and start sending emails that your subscribers will love. 

1. Do Your Research

Analyse previous email campaigns and website activity to measure engagement with products and past promotions. Take a look at what your competitors are doing and gather unique ideas from whitepapers, blogs, videos and social media.

Most importantly, speak to our Maxservices team for advice!

2. Take Time Planning

Think carefully about the purpose of your Christmas email campaign. Decide how you’re going to engage and excite customers based on your research, and make sure you prepare and time all emails well. Use your customer data wisely and plan using a calendar to schedule when your emails will be sent.

3. Define Your Audience

Take time to understand your target audience. Use advanced segmentation tools to group subscribers and identify potential opportunities for email content. Don’t forget your seasonal shoppers – there’s an opportunity here to influence a repeat purchase.

4. Be Creative

Think outside the box and avoid using the same messaging, images and deals over and over again. Use inspiring and imaginative wording with Christmas themed designs, but remember to stay on brand. Your subscribers still want to recognise you and your product offering.

5. Optimise For Mobile

Open and click-through rates will increase over the Christmas period, so make it easy for people to view and interact with emails on a mobile device. Use our email builder to create mobile-responsive email templates and use the mobile preview to adjust content if required.

6. Get Noticed

Inboxes will be crowded, so you need to stand out. Keep subject lines short and to the point, and use wording that’s unique and intriguing. Don’t forget to use the preview text to convey additional information.

7. Push Relevant Content

Think about personalising your emails and push content you know will excite your customers. Use dynamic content to display products and other information matching your customer’s interests.

8. Always Test First

Always ask someone to check your emails thoroughly to prevent mistakes. Use advanced testing tools to preview content, test deliverability and schedule for the right time.

9. Get The Timing Right

Look at when your audience is most engaged, don’t just send emails at the same time as everyone else. Build and schedule emails ahead of time to ensure they’re delivered when intended.

10. Increase Frequency

People will expect more email over Christmas, but don’t over do it. Your customers will be happy to hear from you if your emails are relevant. Use fresh and exciting new content each time.

BONUS TIP – Use This Time to Gain More Subscribers!

Use this busy period wisely to build your email lists. Ask customers to subscribe at the checkout, offer incentives and use social media to your advantage. There’s lots you can do!

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