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Email Campaign Planning 2017 | Emailcenter

This week we launched our Email Campaign Planning Guide for 2017 to help Maxemail users develop their strategy for the year ahead. This guide features key dates and new programme ideas for your calendar, which can be used to schedule all marketing activity, not just email.

Planning ahead is important and your email marketing should play a big part in supporting sales and other marketing activities. Discussing opportunities in advance enables you to become more proactive and competitive, and you’ll have plenty of time to develop campaigns that benefit both the customer and your business.

Key Events for Your Calendar

Download our 2017 email campaign planning guide and insert these key dates into your marketing calendar. This provides all public holidays, school holidays, celebrations and other popular events, which can be used as an opportunity to connect with your target audience.

Email Campaign Planning Guide 2017 | Emailcenter

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Now, there may be a few events that are not applicable to your business, but it will give you an idea of what your customers are focused on at that time so you can adjust your email marketing efforts accordingly. For example, Black Friday may not be the best time to promote gym memberships in the lead up to Christmas, unless you’re running an offer that’s too good to miss!

Are you exhibiting at any events this year? Plug these into you calendar and think about how you’re going to use email to encourage people to visit your stand and keep them up to date.

What are Your Goals for 2017?

Do you want to grow your email lists, or are there any triggered email programmes you think your business could benefit from? How about cart abandonment emails to recover lost sales? Factor in time for discussion and use your calendar to set deadlines for implementation in 2017. By planning these in you can keep track of development and work towards achieving your email marketing goals.

Remember, your calendar can be shared with others and will help you to manage your time when running multiple campaigns. It will also help you to tie email in with all website, social media and other marketing activity to improve business performance.

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