Maxemail Review: A Journey Through 2016

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Maxemail 2016 Review | Emailcenter

It’s been another momentous year for the Emailcenter team. We’ve worked hard throughout 2016 to develop Maxemail’s user interface, implement brand new features and deliver exceptional support to help marketers save time and improve the performance of their email marketing campaigns.

In 2016, our in-house development team released 11 versions of Maxemail containing 621 changes, which included 64 new features and 145 improvements. Each one of these changes went through a rigorous review and testing period before releasing to all users.

New User Interface

It was at the beginning of 2016 that we released stage one of our new redesigned interface, and the reason behind this was to improve navigation and simplify processes for the user.

We introduced a new colour theme to each section and a slide-out navigation panel, making it clearer to what area of the interface users were currently in. The new slide out design and section icons gave a cleaner and more intuitive feel to the interface.

Maxemail Old vs New Interface Design 2016 | Emailcenter
Maxemail – Old vs New User Interface Design

Whilst making these improvements we were conscious about leaving a familiar feel for our clients, keeping original folder structures in place to help them stay organised.

Toolbars were also added to each section to give users better access to contextual actions. Additionally, a new favourites section was created to help users keep track of their most used items thus making it much faster to access them.

The ‘create and export’ feature also received some attention this year, moving it under the new navigation panel to streamline and develop a more wizard driven process.

Additional Security Measures

Security is high priority for Emailcenter and updates were made to provide account holders with additional protection. We updated permissions for user roles and introduced the set up of notifications to alert account holders when specific actions where taken.

Customer Satisfaction

In 2016, our client base increased by 22% and our in-house support team received an impressive 99.8% customer satisfaction rating for the 2435 support tickets raised.

Maxemail also recorded 99.998% uptime, meaning we’ve achieved our goal of providing users with a reliable platform where they can manage their email marketing programmes.

Well done to the Emailcenter team! These figures are extremely impressive and we aim to continue this level of service for Maxemail users through 2017.

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